November 12, 2016 2 min read

No. 1 Starter Kit for 2016 - Innokin Endura T18

There are many thing that you should consider before buying your first E-Cigarette. Its important to make the right choice because too often people rush into their first purchase and end up with a device that doesn't quite cut it. If your just starting out vaping and want a device that will suit you then check out the Innokin Endura T18. This device has many features which make it the perfect start kit for those who are starting out or want an upgrade from their basic eGo style e-cigarette. 

The Endura T18 has a tight draw which is perfect for Mouth-To-Lung style vaping. Its designed specifically for the newbie. This is a big thing to consider when buying your first device. 

Its an ideal size but still packs a punch. There are some really big devices on the market and that can suit some people who want extra features like variable wattage and voltage but for most people starting out they don't need this level of control. They simply want a device that you can fill with juice and away you go! The Endura T18 is perfect in this sense. Its simple to operate and has a handy battery life indicator built into the fire button. The battery is rated at 1000mAh which is plenty to get most vapers through the day. 

It has a good tank size and its top fill! Many eGo style pens require a special charger and you have to practically dismantle the device to charge or fill it. The Endura T18 can be charged with a standard android charger and simply screw of the top to fill- Easy! 

Innokin have done a great job designing the coil in this device. It has a large wick surface area which makes its ideal for pretty much any juice on the market. 

The kit also comes with 3 styles of drip tips. I really like this as I prefer the oval style drip tip over the stainless steel round drip tip. The kit also comes with a spare coil and a handy stand you can perch your shiny new device on. 

All-in-All the Endura T18 is a great kit for starter and those looking to upgrade. 

We recommend the Berry Crumble E-Juice with this device..... Its Yum!

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