25 Celebrities Who Vape... You might be Surprised!

November 17, 2016 2 min read

25 Celebrities Who Vape

How do Celebrities and movies stars stay looking so young and fresh? Well, a recent trend which seems to have taken hold in Hollywood may give us some insight.

We've put together a list of celebrities below who vape and some who are not shy about advocating its use.

1. Leonardo Di Caprio

The man needs no introduction. He is a special UN representative for climate change and also involved in animal rights. Leo has been seen vaping at many events and even seen vaping his way through the Oscars! He still hasn't won an Oscar though. Leo has been seen vaping on the Innokin EZ Watt..... If it's good enough for him its good enough for me! 

2. Katy Perry

She still looks good, maybe as a result of her giving up the smokes and starting vaping. 

3. Jessica Alba

Hard to imagine Jessica smoking smelly cigarettes but she's been spotted vaping many times around LA. (UWELL Yearn Prefilled pods)

4. Charlie Sheen

Charlie isn't known for his healthy lifestyle but he's obviously realised that the smokes are a no no and opted for the healthier option. Winning!!

5. Jack Nicholson

Here's Johnny! I feel he would look better with a cigar but vaping is cool too.

6. Tom Hardy

Enough said...... (Innokin T20)

7. Samuel L Jackson

I think it suits him


8. Christina Milian

Is that a phone wtf

9. Richard Hammond

Nice Gotee Richard

10. Kylie Jenner

I don't care....

11. Sean Penn

Stealth vape at a Clinton fund raiser.... Hahahaha

12. Paris Hilton

I don't care either......

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13. Michelle Rodrigeuz

Creepy look

14. Katherine Zita Jones

No f#@ks given

15. Johnny Depp

He can make most things cool

16. Katherine Heigl

Nice Setup

17. Bruno Mars


18. Dennis Quad

19. John Cusak

20. Zayn Malick

21. Jack Black

22. Lady Gaga


23. Nate Diaz

UFC hardman...Toe to Toe with McGregor and won....then lost! 

24. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dog Vape

Snoop Doggy Dog..... What's in that! 

25. Ben Affleck

Ben affleck Vape

Enjoying that way too much ha

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