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  • November 10, 2016 3 min read

    Whether it's your first E-Cigarette or you're last here is a list of 5 considerations someone should think about before purchasing their new shiny device.

    1. Battery Life

    There are so many different batteries available in the vaping market today. They come in all shapes and sizes. As a general rule of thumb the bigger the battery the more charge it will hold and the longer it will last. However, It should be said that depending on the resistance in your coils and at what voltage and wattage you have set your vaping device to, this will drastically affect how long a battery will last. 

    When people initially start vaping they will find that charging your battery has to become part of your nightly ritual so that you don't find yourself short of battery the following day.Therefore if you are a heavy user and like to vape all day long you should look at larger battery. Batteries are rated in mAh (Milli amp Hours). All vaping devices will have this marked somewhere on it. The range goes from 500mAh to 3000mAh and everywhere inbetween. I think 1000mAh is an average starting point. An e-cigarette with 1000mAh should see most users through the day. It also means you don't to carry around a big Mod which doesn't suit everyone. The SMOK Novo has a 1300mAh battery is an ideal starter kit. For those that require something larger the Endura T20 is probably more suitable.

     2. Mouth-To-Lung or Direct-Lung

    What are you talking about you ask? When you smoke a cigarette do you inhale the smoke directly into your lungs OR do you draw the smoke into your mouth before inhaling into your lungs. Most smokers do the latter and this is an important consideration because many people who start vaping are put off if they have to use it in a different way to how they smoked cigarettes. I think this is a major factor and before purchasing you should find this out. Endura T20 is an excellent Mouth To Lung device and will suit most newbies. The Innokin EZ Watt is a great direct lung vape. The Pico also has variable wattage functions and is pretty advanced piece of kit.

    3. Style - Big MOD or Compact Pen

    Like pretty much everything we buy, it's important how it looks. We want to be able to show it off and this is especially important with e-cigarettes because most of us will have it on our person all day. Most beginners will go for a pen style device while many advanced vapers will opt for the larger MODs with more functionality and longer battery life. Whatever your choice make sure you read the specifications and ensure it suits your needs and check out as many pictures as you can. We also recommend checking out some youtube reviews. 


    Eleaf iStick Pico ECIGOZ

                         MOD Style                                     Pen Style

    4. Manufacturer

    Not all vaping devices are created equally. there are some really reputable brands which produce some great quality equipment - ELeaf, Kangertech, Aspire, Innokin and Joyetech are generally considered the leaders in the market today. I would suggest steering clear of the generic brand eGo style devices. I know of may people who have spent way too much on these e-cigarettes and have been disappointed and disillusioned. Make sure you only deal with reputable vendors that stock original brand devices as there are many fake ones on the market. Most genuine brand devices have authenticity cards in the box which will help you confirm if they are real. 

    5. Price

    It all boils down to this right? Well thats probably not the best way to look at it. Think of the alternative to vaping, smelly expensive cigarettes. When you stop smoking and start vaping along with all the positive health benefits there are considerable financial benefits. Think of it as investment in your health. Thats not to say you should buy the most expensive one you can find beacuse the most important thing is that you get something that works for you. Do your research and ask questions, that is the best way to find out whats right for you. 

    In the end its difficult finding the perfect vaping device and many people have spent money needlessy because they don't have all the information. At ECigOz we want to make the transition easy and successful, so check out or website and get in touch! 

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