Australia's Best E-Cigarette Starter Kit (2019)

January 14, 2021 4 min read

Australia's Best E-Cigarette Starter Kit (2019) - ECigOz

With the massive selection of vape gear on the market today it is almost impossible to know where to begin. We have compiled this list of the best e-cigarettes starter kits available in Australia today. Don’t make the mistake of ordering the wrong kind of device and being disappointed. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is deciding to start vaping and then go and order the first device they find only to quickly realise that it’s not what they were expecting or worse again its really poor quality.

Why You Should Start Vaping

1. Save a bucket load of money: Did you know that you can save heaps of money by switching to vaping? Cigarettes have become ridiculously expensive lately and its just become totally unaffordable. Now is the time to make the switch and start saving. Check out our handy calculator below to see how much you will save
2. Stop smelling like an Ashtray: Its sounds harsh but for people that don't smoke cigarettes that is how you smell after smoking a ciggie. Shaking the stale smell of cigarette smoke should be enough for most people to give them up but it is not as easy as that. Ever get self-conscious when you walk into a room and people take a second look because of that unmistakable smell? Ever go on a first date and feel super paranoid about breaking the news that you're a smoker? One of the best parts of vaping is that there is no smell atall. If there is any smell its most likely something yummy like blackberry or strawberry. I dont think you will get many complaints from that. 
3. Save you Health: There is virtually no debate around this subject if you smoke cigarettes you are 95% better off if you switch to vaping. Public Health England has been very open about these facts. There is so much fake news these days around vaping and the impact on your health. The bottom line is that the biggest cause of preventable death every year worldwide is from cigarette smoking and if you smoke cigarettes you are 85% more likely to die from cancer or heart disease - thats pretty staggering! So give you're body a break - make the switch to vaping ASAP. Check out this video by Public Health 


Star Rating







UWELL Caliburn




Innokin EZ WATT






If you are new to vaping and not sure where to start – This is the place. Looking to get started vaping but just not able to settle on a device then the UWELL Yearn will set you right. The pods are prefilled so no refilling pods are choosing a juice – they have made it as simple as possible. All you have to do is load your prefilled pod into the batter and away you go! From those who made the legendary refillable vape pod Caliburn system – EcigOz has introduced UWELL Yearn. If you are not sure about how you will start vaping, never fear because you are in a safe place. This is a very simple device that has different kinds of sweet pods. The JUUL has been put to shame.
The MG strength you should begin with
We recommend that you start with the 20mg yearn pod. This pod offers a very interesting vaping experience.
If you smoke heavily and you are in search of something larger, you can go for the 50mg.


You must have heard many interesting things about this product. If you have not, then we will get you acquainted with it. This product (Caliburn) has stormed the vape pod industry. We are not exaggerating anything here. We became fully convinced about this product after we received and tasted it.
This product may look more or less like every other vape pods but that does not mean that it performs the same function as the others. This product has been made in a way that it will never leak and it can be filled easily.
One interesting feature about the Caliburn is that you can either select a draw-activated firing or a button-activated one. Using a draw-activated one means there will no longer be burnt coils either will there be butt firing. You can still change to using button activated if that is your preferred choice.
This very product has proven to be a very great opponent. We are always in imagination about any other product that can surpass our portable device. We’ll keep waiting before it happens.


This particular product seems to be the easiest kit being used in Australia. With this product, you can be able to control both the heat and the coolness of the vapor that your vape produces. This customization is on a different level since it will make you get a very nice vape. There are still other juices that have a unique taste with different wattages. With this product, you can easily regulate the power just by touching a button. There is no reason to be worried about complex settings. All you just have to do is to make use of the light indicator to go through the Epower level. On this product, there is a slight increase in the airflow which means that it will look more than a cigarette providing more flavor and producing more vapor.
If you have ever made use of the T22, you are moving forward by using EZ watt. Our recommendation for the juices of ECIGOZ is that you make use of the reduced setting but you can still try out other settings to know your preferred choice. The battery of this device is very large and it is durable.


Salt Nicotine has been the buzz word in the vaping scene for some time now. Its exploded in popularity due to the increased use of pod vape systems. Salt Nicotine is super satisfying with smooth throat hit. You can read our blog on salt nicotine which talks about the differences and benefits o using salt nicotine.

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