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  • December 13, 2022 4 min read

    Are you a new vaper? You should know building coils for vaping is not just something that vapers love. It also meets many conditions and requirements of users. It can save costs, unleash creativity and especially adjust the taste to your liking.

    Building coils is already something that draws vapers, regardless of their enjoyment of vaping. You'll be fascinated by the originality and ingenuity. The time you spend on it may exceed the time you vape. So, why not learn how to create a vape coil with us?


    The coil difference between micro and macro is not significant. So the procedure is similar, as both use wire wound around a screwdriver or the Coil Jig frame. If there is a distinction, it is solely in the size of the diameter.

    Here are the tools you'll need to prepare to build coil for vaping:

    • Coil wire: There are numerous varieties of coil wire available on the market today. However, if you are a beginning vaper, Kanthal is an excellent pick because of its ease of use.
    • Tweezers: Because of the heat generated when creating. We should prioritize using porcelain or ceramic tweezers to insulate. Of course, if you want to use other tweezers on the market, that's fine.
    • Cotton: This will be vital while completing to build coil for vaping. The quality of the cotton wool determines whether the smoke from a vaporizer tastes pleasant or not. To avoid waste, we should choose the genuine type when shopping.
    • Scissors: A sharp pair of scissors will allow you to cut the cotton wool more smoothly.
    • Resistivity meter
    • Screwdriver or scroll frame: A true frame is what makes a masterpiece. Choose a frame that you believe is appropriate for your vaporiser. Furthermore, Coil Jig is always preferred above the top because there are so many sizes to pick from.

    The diameter will be proportional to the coil resistance. The greater the diameter, the greater the resistance, and the greater the heat generated. If you've prepared the tools, let's practice step by step.


    What Do You Need To Build Vape Coils


    I guarantee, just 4 steps later, you will have a brand new coil. The process is also very simple, I will make the most concise notes for you to easily visualize. Here are 4 steps to build a coil for vape:

    • Winding coils according to the frame
    • Install the coil in the RDA
    • Measure and collect resistance data
    • Put cotton wool on the coil

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      Let's go through each step in detail so you know exactly what to do:

      Step 1: Winding coils according to the frame

      Use a screwdriver or a bracket with a 2mm diameter. When starting to place the rope inside the frame, use one hand to secure the rope's head. With the other hand, wound the coil around the rim of the frame 5 to 9 times to achieve the desired resistance. After you've finished, make sure the two coil heads are pointing in the same way. If the coil is loose after being pulled from the frame, place it back in the frame and stretch it using pliers to make the coil as flawless as possible.

      Step 2: Install the coil in the RDA

      When the winding is finished, it is time to instal it in the RDA. Loosen the miniature screw, then secure the coil to the screwdriver head. Check that the two ends are in the correct two pole positions (negative and positive). When inserting, make sure the coil does not move, that it is in the correct centre, and that it is not too close to the screw. Once fixed, continue to tighten the screws and use pliers to remove excess wire. Finally, take out the screwdriver and check the strength.

      Step 3: Measure and collect resistance data

      Insert the resistance metre and measure the coil's resistance. If you wish to change something, change the coil wire. If you discover a problem, return to step 2.

      Step 4: Put cotton wool on the coil

      Squeeze the coil lightly once it has been placed to ensure that the loops are close together. Light the coil and repeat numerous times until the entire coil burns brilliantly from the centre out.

      To insert the cotton into the coil, we must first twist the two ends of the cotton. Tuck the cotton pad inside the roll so that it is in the centre. Cut the cotton in half so that each end is 1.5cm away from the coil.

      Finally, drop the essential oil and allow it to absorb before using it as usual.


      Build Vape Coils


      Pre-built coils

      There are also numerous locations where you can buy pre-built coils. A wide selection of sizes and materials is available. But if you have the time, you should create one for yourself. That's more enjoyable than having stuff ready.

      Could be disposable vape

        Disposable vape is the choice of busy people. As you know, for vapers, vaping is like their soulmate. We can spend a lot of time taking care of and cherishing it. Opting for a disposable vape will save you time and money on constant maintenance. However, there are some advantages to having your own personal vape that cannot be compared.

        Could be using pod

        Pods vary from vaping in one way: they can produce less diversified smoke. The reason for this is that pods require fewer support parts than vapes. That is also convenient for folks who are short on time because fewer pieces equal less cleaning. The most crucial feature remains that the combustion chamber in the pod is not detachable. Again and again, it has the constraint that if the burner is broken or burnt, we must give up that pod.


        Above is how to build coils for vaping from A to Z. Of course, it will depend on your vape that you choose how to make it more suitable. The quality of the coil will also depend on the material you choose. Enjoy the moment of building your own coil for vaping.

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