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Does vape juice expire? What will happen if you use expired e-juice?

August 17, 2022 4 min read

Does vape juice expire? What will happen if you use expired e-juice?

If you've been vaping for a while, you probably have a stash of e-liquids that you haven't used yet that are gathering dust on your shelves.

Sure, you'll vape eventually, but is it safe to use if your vape juice has passed its expiration date or if e-liquid has turned brown? Or does vape juice actually expire?

In general, they do. But does this mean that vape juice deteriorates and becomes 'un-vape-able'? This guide will explain everything you need to know about e-liquid and its expiration date.

Let's find out together!

Does vape juice expire?

YES, the answer is yes. Vape juice has an expiration date and isn't just for show.

While propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are responsible for vape juice expiration dates of 1-2 years, most changes in vape liquids are caused by nicotine oxidation and flavouring degradation.

The effects of aging differ depending on the liquid. Older vapes will typically have less nicotine and a weaker flavour.


In General, How long does vape juice last?

In the case of vape juices, e-liquids containing some food-based ingredients aren't meant to last forever - if they can, the product is probably not safe to use.

Therefore, keep in mind that the vape has a two-year shelf life after it is manufactured.

This date may be shortened if the e-liquid is opened, improperly stored, or depending on the type of vape.

Because this is such a broad timeframe, vapers must rely on other methods to determine whether their e-liquid has expired.

As mentioned, with the differences between each type of vape, we should consider the expiration of salts nics vs freebase vape juice! Let's see below.

Is there any difference between salts nics vs freebase vape juice regarding the expiration?

Given enough time, all e-juice will expire. Several factors can influence how quickly a vape juice passes.

To begin with, nic salts honestly degrade more slowly than freebase nicotine. This is because they are chemically a salt rather than a base.

However, e-liquids containing no nicotine are not affected by nicotine degradation.

Moreover, the flavour of the vape will influence how quickly the vape goes terrible.


Some flavours degrade more rapidly than others. Fruit and floral vape juice, in general, lose their potency and change before complex flavours like dough or custard.

This may result in changes in flavour profiles that, while not necessarily unpleasant, can be disappointing.

And yes, you may not have complete control over the type and flavour of nicotine. However, how can we tell if a vape is expired, and what happens if we use expired nicotine vape juice? Let's see…

What will happen if we use expired nicotine vape juice?

In fact, a hit or two won't harm you, and it's how many vapers discover there's something strange about their fluid in the first place.

However, no research has been conducted on the safety of expired vape juice. It's unclear whether expired vaping juices are harmful or what might happen if you vape a lot of expired juice.

If you find this article, we do not recommend you continue vaping the expired vape juice! Nicotine and flavourings are the two main components of e-juices.


So you'll probably vape something that tastes good but doesn't satisfy your nicotine cravings. When you can pick up a new bottle, there's little reason to try the expired one, isn't it?

To have a proper storing of vape juice, you should indeed know these ways!

How to store vape juice correctly?

You may not have perfect control over the type and flavour of nicotine, but you may take measures to extend the duration of any vape juices. Your e-liquid may age more quickly if it is exposed to air, heat, agitation, light, or any of these factors. Therefore, if you want to keep your vape juice fresh:

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight in a cool, dark location.
  • Avoid shaking or moving the bottle around needlessly.
  • Only open bottles as necessary.

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Can we steep vape juice to make it last longer?

Not really! Steeping is a mild acceleration of the same aging processes to improve the flavour or uniformity of vaping.

It's similar to letting fruit ripen; a little ripening can improve the flavour.

If it's too much, the fruit will become rotten. Therefore, notably, we highlight in ECigOz guides on steeping vape that it can shorten the life of vape liquids if you steep too much!

In summary

While vape juice has an expiration date, this does not mean they are spoiled and cannot be vaporized after that date. However, note that excessive use can be harmful to your health!

Be sure to store your vape juice properly, out of the way of heat sources and in a cold, dark cabinet. Keep track of your e-liquid purchases to know when the expiration date is approaching.

If you want to learn more, check out ECigOz vaping blog.

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