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  • December 29, 2021 5 min read

    The Zeus Tank is a sub-ohm tank that has been designed to be at the top of its class. With features like it's "Turbine Dual Airflow System" and the 5ml capacity, this tank will be sure to please any vaper looking for an RTA. 

    Learn more about what makes theZeus Tank so great! 

    So you are planning to buyZeus Tank online but are still hesitant because of whether the experience is suitable for you or not? Is that easy to use? Who is the best suit to use this tank? 

    EcigOzwill share the experience and evaluate the pros and cons of Zeus Tank.

    Overview about The GeekVape'sZeus Tank

    The Zeus Tank was created by the company GeekVape. GeekVape is a company that provides innovative vape products and accessories. The Zeus Sub Ohm Tank is one of their newest releases, making it the perfect subject for writing an introduction.

    It is a collaboration with Youtube reviewer Tony B, the tank features an adjustable top airflow design allowing users to either have their airflow under slight resistance for flavor chasing or wide open for cloud chucking!

    It was noted that while using this tank, juice consumption would be increased since there are no other adjustment options that can be used besides changing between flavors or clouds.

    The build deck on this atomizer is very different from others out there right now. There are Geekvape into the spotlight of the vaping community. The Zeus RTA is 25mm in width and stands at 63mm tall without drip.

    The GeekVape Zeus Sub Ohm tank can hold 4 milliliters of e-juice and includes two drip tips: A Delrin wide bore and an Ultem narrow bore. This device also features side grips to prevent slippage when gripping the atomizer and a top fill design with large fill ports for convenience.

    The tank features a wide range of airflow adjusted depending on preference. It is also rebuildable, which allows you to build your coils instead of purchasing pre-built ones like most other atomizers. 

    This vaporizer holds 4 milliliters of e-juice and can be paired with almost any mod or kit, but since it only has one Coil, it might not be the best choice for people who enjoy vast clouds of vapor. 

    The Zeus Sub Ohm Tank by GeekVape is an excellent device for everyone who wants a tank that can hold a lot of e-juice, has good airflow, and can be rebuilt. If you are looking for an atomizer that is versatile and affordable, then this GeekVape tank is perfect for you!

    Relative information 

    • Size: 26 x 42.5mm
    • Capacity: 5ml Bubble, 3.5ml Straight 
    • Mesh Z1 0.4ohm: 60 - 70W.
    • Mesh Z2 0.2ohm: 70 - 80W.
    • Drip Tip: 810.

    Ecigoz will help you figure the problem when buying onlinein the next section. Let's jump on the Pros and Cons of this GeekVape'Tank right below!

    Pros and Cons ofZeus Tank

    The Zeus Sub Ohm Tank is a rebuildable tank atomizer that can hold 4 milliliters of e-juice. It has a metal 510 connection and includes a PEEK insulator. TheZeus Tank features a top fill design with two large fill ports. 

    GeekVape also manufactures two drip tips for the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank, one Delrin wide bore and one Ultem narrow bore. The tank has side grips that prevent it from slipping when gripping the device. The price of the GeekVape Tank varies depending on where you purchase the device from, but it generally costs between 40 - 50 NZD.


    • Large fill port area
    • Side grips to prevent slippage
    • Two drip tips included
    • Rebuildable atomizer
    • Can hold 4 milliliters of e-juice


    • Not widely available in stores

    The reviews are for reference only from our experience. Therefore, please try it out before using it, or you could go to EcigOz's store for dedicated and accurate advice.

    EcigOz is a unit specializing in providing Vape, juice, mods, podswith many models and many different suppliers. With the mission of bringing quality products at reasonable prices, EcigOz will change the way you vape.

    Customers frequently ask questions aboutZeus Tank

    Indeed, shopping online will make you wonder about many things and understand that problem. We have compiled thefrequently asked questions from our customers about Zeus Sub Ohm Tank.

    How much does it cost?

    The price will change depending on your location, purchase time, and many other factors. But The Zeus Sub Ohm Tank 5ml will cost around NZD 40 - 50 (28 - 35 USD).

    • Geekvape Zeus Tank Mesh Replacement Coils (NZD 22.25)
    • Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank 5ml (NZD 47.95)
    • Geekvape - Aegis Legend 2 (L200) Mod Kit With Z Sub Ohm Tank (NZD 120)

    What Coil can be used in a Zeus Sub Ohm Tank? What mod goes with it? 

    The truth is, Zeus Mesh Coil is the best combination with Zeus Sub Ohm Tank andAegis Legend Kit combo. Besides that, there are two kinds of coils, including 0.4ohm Z1 Coil and the other one is 0.2ohm Z2 Coil. 

    What's in the Zeus Tank box?

    Indeed, this tank is one ofGeekvape's most successful designs to date. With improved airflow, easy to use and remove, it provides a user-friendly feeling and a better vaping experience.

    Zeus Sub Ohm Tank contents:

    • Size: 26 x 42.5mm (Not including Drip tip)
    • Capacity: 5ml with bubble tank (or 3.5ml with straight glass)
    • Drip tip type: 810 Drip Tip
    • Filling Method: Top Fill
    • Mesh Z1 coil 0.4ohm (60-70W)
    • Mesh Z2 coil 0.2ohm (70-80W) (pre-installed)

    When and how to replace the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank coil?

    When it tastes burnt, you have to replace the Coil. But don't know how to do it? Use the removable coil tools in the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank set and gently pull the Coil out! 

    Ecigoz has the Zeus Tank 5-coil-replacement set right for you to save your money. Beware of two types of Zeus Sub Ohm Tank coils, one Z1 0.4 Coil: 50 - 60W and the other one is Z2 0.2 Coil: 70 - 80W.

    TheZeus Tank is a great device that is versatile and has many great features. It's rebuildable, which allows you to build your coils instead of purchasing pre-built ones. This reduces the cost of vaping if you enjoy rebuilding your atomizers. 

    The airflow on this tank is also incredible, allowing for a wide range of draw strengths so that it can suit any vaper. It is widespread for rebuildable tanks not to have excellent airflow, but theGeekVape's tank can provide good airflow and juice capacity. 

    In Conclusion

    TheZeus Tank would be a great purchase if you are interested in rebuilding or need an atomizer that can hold more e-juice than your average sub-ohm tank. 

    Additionally, the Coil is easy to replace and works with the tank perfectly. Indeed, many users worldwide said that the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank is much better than the Falcon 2 coil so far. 

    So, what are you waiting for?

    We know e-liquid inside and out at VapeVend. 

    We not only carry the most excellent e-juice from across the world, but we also create oure-liquid to guarantee our consumers have access to the quality goods they deserve. 

    We have all of the fruity e-juice and dessert flavors you can imagine, in addition to a plethora of excellenttobacco e-liquid flavors! Shop for yournew favorite e-liquid in Australia today, online or in-store!

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