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GeekVape: Best Starter Kit for Ultimate Vaping Experience

September 20, 2021 4 min read

GeekVape: Best Starter Kit for Ultimate Vaping Experience

Vaping industry has never stopped introducing the innovative and creative features for vaping products. Among the well-known brands of vape, GeeKVape is considered as one of the best businesses that continuously innovates to meet their customers' demands, whether it’s beginners or veteran vaping users. 
To learn more about GeekVape, the professional and dedicated staff from EcigOz will share GeekVape starter kits for beginners and what you need to keep in mind when buying your very first vape for the ultimate vaping experience. 


The Geekvape brand is one of the leading manufacturers in the vaping industry, and it has positioned itself as the top in a very short period of time. All of these events occur in the world, and the most favored brand among vaping users due to the success from its various and distinctive designs, as well as its customer-centered attitude. Undoubtedly, GeekVape potentially increases its market share with the right approach and brilliant use of technology, which boosts consumer expectations.
Geekvape is the best choice for starters


Vape starter kits make vaping accessible to even the most complete beginner
Are you interested in vaping but have no idea where to begin? Rest assured that you are not alone. Confusion is a frequent feeling among new vapers, owing to the  variety of tank, mod, and device combinations.
Selecting a box mod, e-juice, tank, charger, and battery might be challenging for someone new to vaping. We will give you a hand to look for an Australia online stores beforehand throught this recommendation article: 
EcigOz would like to recommend some of the best by far box mod starter kits from GeekVape which reach the hearts of millions vaping users all around the world. But first, let’s get to know more about box mod starter kits. 


Box mod vape starter kit is formed of a tank, a box-shaped mod, and a couple of batteries (sold separately). 
You don't have to worry about the compatibility of these tanks, because they come with the appropriate one for the mod. Compared to vape pen kits and all-in-one vapes, box mod vape starter kits tend to offer more customization. However, the extra parts needed mean extra work on the maintenance. It requires disassembly and a simple cleaning sometimes to stay in good condition. 
Let’s check out three top box mod starter kits from GeekVape Aegis series in 2021 which are highly suggested:


The GeekVape Aegis X starter kit has everything that a box mod would, as well as a bunch of great features you wouldn't expect. Plus, you'll also receive the fantastic GeekVape Zeus sub-ohm tank, which is widely perceived as one of the year's greatest sub-ohm tanks. 
GeekVape Aegis X starter kit is considered as the most durable mod. It's waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof with IP67 rating, so it's extremely durable which can easily endure the unexpected drops. In terms of the functional specifications, the Aegis X needs two 18650 batteries, hence, make sure you purchase some good ones.
The Aegis's design follows the blueprint of Geekvape's other Aegis mods: It's modern, appealing, and clean. The 2.4-inch OLED screen displays information about your vape setup. The Aegis X can fire up to 200W of power in power mode, which is sufficient for any setup. 
Two coils come with the Zeus sub ohm tank: a 0.2ohm mesh coil and a 0.4ohm mesh coil. Both coils are amazing and provide great flavor compared to the best sub-ohm tanks available.


Aegis Legend mod with Geekvape Aero Mesh sub ohm tank is IP67 waterproof, they are both almost indestructible. You will receive two coils: one 0.2ohm coil (good for 30-90W) and one 0.15ohm coil.
The Aegis Legend is a favorable starter kit to both beginners and veteran vape users since it can generate huge clouds and great flavor. Plus, It has temperature-control and bypass modes as well. With the Aegis Legend's outstanding battery efficiency, you can rest assured that you definitely go through the day if you're vaping at lower wattages. 
Moreover, there is a firing button with a rocker style on the side of the device. A 0.91” OLED screen is included, as well as two buttons on the front of the device. The device's display will present all of the vital information you need for vaping, like your coil resistance, current wattage, battery life, and voltage output.


For beginners, the Aegis Solo mod is a trustworthy vape option thanks to its simple operation and trustworthy performance. This product is compact, attractive, and comfortable in a variety of appealing colors. Moreover, Aegis Solo is absolutely one of the finest vaping mods in the industry. 
The Aegis Solo delivers 100W of power and has sufficient range for new vapers to identify a vaping wattage that they prefer. 
The Aegis Solo delivers 100W of power and has sufficient range for new vapers to identify a vaping wattage that they prefer. It involves a  Cerberus sub-ohm tank that ensures the kit will deliver amazing flavor and gives you a top-notch vaping experience.
Hence, Your vaping liquids will taste much better, which will improve the likelihood of subsequent usage. 
The Aegis Solo has a screen that provides all the necessary information about your device and it is easy to read even under the sun. 


Ecigoz provides a number of starter kits at very attractive and reasonable prices. If you are looking for a good deal, check out our store or contact us directly on our website for more assistance. For social media sites, please check out and keep track with our updated information and brand-new products on Facebook and  Instagram!
If you are looking for further information, here are top three articles EcigOz highly recommended for you: 

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