How Much Are Vapes in Australia 2022?

May 30, 2022 4 min read

How Much Are Vapes in Australia 2022?

How much are vapes? At the top vape store across Australia - ECigOz, The price of vapes on the market can range from AU$3 to AU$50. Popular vape prices today are disposable vapes from AU$3. We also have the pod systems from AU$15 to AU$50 and the mod devices are starting from AU$45. Usually, high-quality products with impressive and durable designs will cost more.


Australia is a popular tourist destination among tourists, and vapers are pleased because there are almost no laws on vaping here. However, there is also a rather disadvantageous point here. It is legal to sell and produce vaping in Australia. But they cannot sell vape products that contain nicotine.

It can be a problem for travel vapers who use vaping to quit smoking. But you can bring your e-liquid from home. If you get all the tools when traveling, you can vape comfortably without worrying at all.

So, how much is a vape in Australia? It should be based on the type of vape you choose to accurately answer the question. There are many types of vaping, and each type has many models and features. Some popular styles are Pod Systems, Disposable Vapes, and Vape Mod.


Vape Mod has the advantage of using a removable battery. It has an intelligent chip with many features, such as temperature change, capacity, and coil burning mode. But its colossal size is not convenient to carry.

On the other hand, Disposable Vapes is a completed fix device. You just need to unbox and use it immediately. That is why disposable devices are the best choice for beginners. 

  • Disposable Vapes: Disposable device is a compact and short-lived electronic cigarette device. So, you can only use it until the battery runs out or the juice runs out. Then, you can throw them away just as the name implies. How much is a disposable vape? It is from AU$5 to AU$10 in Australia.
  • Pod Systems: The Pod System is a vape device that falls between the Vape Pen and Combo Vape Kit segments. The difference between the System Pod and the other two segments is that all the coils, cotton, and e-liquids are integrated into a compact unit called "Pod." How much is a vape pod? It is from AU$11 to AU$50 in Australia.
  • Vape Mod (Modify Vape): The vape mod is the more modern step of vaping. They usually have an internal battery or operate on a removable battery. The battery life of box mods is much longer than vape pens. They are often fitted with computer chips to control the incoming and outgoing current. How much is a vape pen in Australia? It is starting from AU$45 for full kit. 


Besides the money to buy the device, there are many things that come with the vape, such as:

  • E-juice
  • Replacement coils
  • Repair costs

However, you will not have to replace accessories continuously. Each bottle of e-juice can also be available a few times.

The Pod System is not as expensive as many people think. If you buy quality and durable machines, you can use them for a long time.

Although the initial cost of e-cigarettes is more expensive than traditional cigarettes, it is indeed a worthwhile investment. The smoke of e-cigarettes is aromatic and is less harmful than conventional cigarette smoke.



Do not waste the juice

With the development of the e-cigarette industry today, it is easy for you to buy a cheap e-liquid. However, don't buy it because it's cheap.

Usually, buying large bottles of e-juice will be more profitable than buying small bottles. However, it only makes sense when it is your favorite juice. Conversely, please buy small bottles to try out a few new flavors.

Buy a set of vapes

Instead of buying each part, you can save money and time by purchasing a vape kit. Currently, there are many combos to provide a set of services for users at a much cheaper cost than buying individually.



Regular inspection for timely maintenance

Replacing a few components is always cheaper than replacing a new device. Therefore, check regularly to detect errors and repair them on time.

Create a small budget for personal interests

To avoid overspending, build a separate budget for your pleasures. Depending on your income, you can spend 10% - 20%. It will not affect other expenses in life.

Build coil by yourself

Just spend a few hours, and you can easily find countless articles or videos on what coil is and how to build a coil (replace a new coil), so you can learn it. Coil wire affects taste perception, and building a new coil is not as difficult as you think. If you persevere in learning and experimenting, you will save a good amount of money.


Besides being interested in how much vaping costs, savvy users also wonder about a reputable vape seller. On the market today, many places are selling different vape product lines. But not all of them guarantee genuine quality.

Using fake or poor-quality vapes will affect health, make them uncomfortable to use, and quickly damage them. If you are looking for a reliable address, come to ECigOz. The outstanding advantages of coming here are:

  • ECigOz specializes in selling quality e-cigarettes in Australia, especially trusted by vapers not only in Australia but also worldwide.
  • Coming to our store, you can easily find thousands of vape models.
  • The products here have full documents about their origins. They are strictly censored and are guaranteed to be 100% genuine. You can be assured of the quality of our products.
  • At ECigOz, many types of accessories are updated regularly for users to choose from.
  • Affordable vape device price to choose from. 


Above are our shares about e-liquid and the question of how much are vapes in Australia. We hope that you have been able to untangle your concerns. Facing the strong demand, ECigOz will pack and ship the goods as quickly as possible. When buying an electronic cigarette, you also enjoy a warranty. And our staff is always dedicated and thoughtful to make sure you are satisfied.

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