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  • December 12, 2022 3 min read

    The best way to clean vape coils is a question that users frequently have. Let's find out the reasons as well as the complete way to clean vape coils.

    A Vape/Pod is a device that vaporizes essential oils into smoke. In which the coil is considered the most important part. So when the coil is dirty, it will directly affect the vaporization process.


    The preparation phase is more crucial than the cleaning phase. From knowledge to tools, we'll go through each section individually. Don't worry, everything you'll need to prepare is also incredibly basic and can be found at any vape shop.

    First, we must gather information about what we will be cleaning, specifically the coil portion of the vape. What we need to know is how to disassemble it properly. There must be no damage to the part, and the end product must be flawless. We will talk in detail in the following step-by-step cleaning of vape coils.

    Next are the tools that we need to have when cleaning the coil. The most important thing is still the right cleaning fluid. We can use 

    • Baking soda, vinegar, alcohol, or ethanol. 
    • A towel to dry off 
    • Cold water for pre-rinsing
    • Hot water for rinsing. 

    If you are not handy, use a dry cotton swab instead so that the small grooves of the vape coil can dry out after the cleaning process.


    Once everything is ready, all we need to do is start cleaning the vape coil. Here is the specific process:

    • Remove the coil from the vape
    • Replace the old cotton part
    • Remove the old essential oil by pre-rinsing the chamber with clean water
    • Use the right tools and cleaning fluid to clean the vape coil
    • Soak in hot water and then rinse with cold water
    • Reinsert the vape coil parts


    Cleaned Vape Coils

    Remove the coil from the vape

    Maybe many people might be careless in this part. In fact, if we are not careful, the parts will be damaged very easily. Too much force will cause rim distortion. Or, more seriously, it will break if there are glass parts.

    Replace the old cotton part

    Replace the cotton pad with a new one. If you've previously stuffed cotton, but it's too tight, pull the two ends, in turn, to loosen the cotton and then come out fully. This will keep the coil head from deforming. 

    Remove the old essential oil by pre-rinsing the chamber with clean water

    The tank part should be cleaned first after disassembling the sections. To eliminate stains on the tank's walls, we need to first softly wash it with cold water.

    This procedure is analogous to sweeping the floor before mopping it. It will make our cleaning process more organized. Water will clear coarse stains first, leaving just the persistent spots.

    Use the right tools and cleaning fluid to clean the vape coil

    After rinsing with cold water, the remainder can be cleaned using a suitable cleaning fluid. This solution removes any leftover plaque from the tank walls and other components. To wipe, we can use absorbent, soft paper or cotton swabs.

    Soak in hot water and then rinse with cold water

    Soak in hot water for 1-2 hours, then rinse gently with cold water. Use a dry cloth or cotton swab to clean the small grooves. If you have a dryer, use it to dry the wet parts.

    Reinsert the vape coil parts

    Carefully reassemble the parts of the vape coil.


    When changing juice or a new flavour

    At this time, if not cleaned, the old flavour will be mixed with the new flavour. The taste will be confusing. Annoying for users


    Changing Juice Or A New Flavour

    When you see the smell of burning inside the smoke

    This demonstrates that vaping is being used at high intensity. The cotton will then burn as the coil burns black. It makes the smoke smell like burning, and the flavour also smells like burning.


    Cleaning your vape coil is like revitalizing your entire vape plant. More importantly, how to clean the vape coil? Having the right way to clean your vape coil will greatly increase your vape productivity. Save a lot of effort and money. In addition to the most common ways, specialized machines now assist with cleaning.


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