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  • September 09, 2022 4 min read

    Have you ever needed to change out cotton wool and didn't know what you were doing?

    Well, if you have, then you are not alone.

    It is a bit of a confusing process that you need to follow, especially if you are a beginner.

    So this article is about How to Change Cotton Wool in a Vape: 6 Steps You Should Know.

    It is going to take an in-depth look at the steps involved.

    How Do You Know It's Time to Replace Your Vape Wick?

    The main factors that directly affect the period you should obtain a new wick include the temperature, the juice used, and the material it is composed of. Some aged vapers will notice the change in a shorter time.

    However, many vapers find that cotton wicks need to be changed more frequently than rayon wicks since cotton tends to produce dry hits more regularly than rayon. 

    => Don't you know, change the vape wick and wool could prevent your vape from automatically firing error.


    Scroll down for these 4 common signals that tell you it's time to change your vape wick.

    • The burnt flavour in vaping is the most obvious sign that you must change vape coils and wick.
    • The lack of smoke and taste is another obvious sign that your coil and wick are burning out. 
    • Additionally, if there are leaks, you should also replace them. In this case, we believe you should have a general check to determine the problem instead of throwing it away. 
    • The rumbling noises are also potential additional symptoms. When you hear a gurgling sound, it doesn't have to be from the coil, but it could be. 

    Now you know the signs. So how do you change the vape wool?

    Don't worry! Scroll down to discover the guidelines for changing cotton wool into a vape!

    It will not take so long.

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    How To Change Cotton Wool In A Vape: 6 Steps You Should Know

    It is crucial for vapers to routinely clean their vapes and replace the cotton wool to enjoy a great vaping experience without looking dated or splashing e-juice, etc. The following simple steps should work for the replacement.

    Step 1: Remove all of the old cotton


    Step 2: Burn the coil over medium heat to remove the residue easier.

    The coil should then be dipped in water to remove any dirt. Please note that it is easy to short-circuit and damage the vape device after dipping the coil in water.

    Then just keep burning until the coil is fully dry. If you don't want to burn the wire, you can dry it with absorbent paper or a soft towel.

    Step 3: Scroll/Squeeze the cotton wool and insert into the coil

    The next step is squeezing the cotton to meet the coil size, and remember to cut the cotton pad neither too thin nor too thick. The e-liquid will leak if it is too thin.

    Otherwise, the e-juice will not penetrate the cotton evenly, perhaps causing scorching or breaking.

    Do not try to pull too hard, or the coil will deflect. This will cause the coil to not operate evenly or damage the coil.


    Step 4: Cut off the excess cotton.

    Cut off the excess cotton and use tongs or tweezers to tuck the leftover cotton inside.


    Step 5: Add the vape juice 

    Be careful not to use too much e-juice because it will be sprayed on the cotton. On the other hand, too little oil will cause the cotton to burn.

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    Step 6: Firing up and enjoy your achievement

    So after the above 6 steps of changing the cotton wool, how do you know if you installed the vape wool correctly or not? No worries; we will let you know in the next section!


    So How Can We Know Whether Or Not We Install The Vape Wool Correctly?

    Many newbies try to do it themselves when it's time to replace parts without much research and experience. 

    It is extremely simple to manage, but if you lack understanding, you may make a mistake that will harm your health and the vaporizer. 

    So, what if the vape can tell whether or not you installed the vape wool correctly? Here 3 things you need to do after all:

    • The most important sign is the wool cotton absorbing the proper amount of e-juice, neither too much nor too little.
    • After the liquid has been absorbed, fire up your device to observe if it immediately produces vapour. If everything seems promising, you can start vaping right away.
    • Take an inhale with your vape after adding the new wool. If it is smooth, has good taste, and is not burnt, congratulations! Your vape is excellent to use now.

    Do you know how much are vape devices in Australia? Let's find out ->


    It is never unnecessary to research and choose the best way for you. ECigOz hopes this article is helpful for your research on How To Change Cotton Wool In A Vape. 

    If you have any feedback or concerns about this article, feel free to comment in the below section. Thank you for reading!

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