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  • April 15, 2021 6 min read

    More and more people are choosing vaping over smoking. And there is an increasing number of vape juice flavors. Some people like vaping the same flavor every day, while others like to try different flavors every time they vape. However, buying a large variety of vape juice can become expensive. If you want to save money or if you just want to experiment with new flavors, it’s better to learn how to make your own vape juice at home by yourself. This way, you’ll have control over the contents of your vape juice and the nicotine content of your e-liquid.

    These are things you need to have in order to create your own e juice. I have put together everything that you will need to get started at a super low cost. If you are looking at changing something up in your life and getting into vaping, then this may be the ideal time for you. E cigs have become extremely popular due to the new technology that is added behind the experience. Vaping is a great way to give up on smoking as it contains many benefits that cigarette smokers can't deny.



    Base liquid (vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol)
    Making your own juice is something you can do once you have all the right ingredients. Getting the right ingredients to make it can at first be a little daunting. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are two of the most important ingredients in the DIY e-juice. Both of these are essential in creating your own DIY vape juice. Some ratios are more popular than others, but you can mix the two to come with your own great combinations. You can change up the flavors for a unique experience with each puff.
    Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are the two main bases for making your own vape juice, or e-juice. Vegetable glycerin is sweet and often used in foods and some medicines. Propylene glycol is alcohol commonly found in cosmetics and medical products.

    Vape flavoring

    Vape flavoring

    What are vape juice flavor concentrates? Vape flavor concentrates provide the finest and purest vape juice flavorings. They contain the ingredients, and in some cases nicotine too, that determine how it will taste when you vape it. All vape juice flavorings for e-juice are extracted from the actual fruits, beverages, and other flavoring ingredients to create flavorful vapor. Vape juice flavorings are high-quality, concentrated flavoring agents for e-liquid that can be easily added to e-juice in a home mixing environment. These flavored e-liquid flavoring agents allow vapers to easily manipulate the flavor of any e-liquid they make or buy.


    Nicotine (Optional)

    The next thing you need to have on hand to make your own e-juice is nicotine. It's especially optional if you're a heavy smoker or exceed 20 cigarettes a day (moderation is key here). There are lots of different nicotine strengths out there (anywhere from 1-2.4%) and you can easily choose the strength that you want.
    If you don't want to have nicotine in your e-juice, just leave it out, and instead of using the nicotine, add more flavoring.
    => You might need: 6mg nicotine vape juice equals how many cigarettes?



    Storage bottles

    You will need storage bottles for storing your base liquid. If you use nicotine, storing it in amber or cobalt bottles. Because nicotine solutions degrade over time, it is vital to use storage bottles with dark colors and solid glass that will keep your base liquids fresh. These bottles are chemically inert and have an optional oxygen-absorbing cap that seals out oxygen, which can lead to undesired degradation of nicotine solution.


    E-juice bottles


    E-juice bottles
    E-juice bottles are available in 60ml, 120ml, or 240ml bottles and the tinted bottle helps prevent light from breaking down the flavor. If you plan to mix your e-liquid, you will need to have e-juice bottles to contain your finished product. Just like your favorite beverages, it's convenient to have a pre-filled bottle for quick dispensing.



    You need labels to mark down the date you create your vape juice before sticking it on the bottles so you can easily keep track of the date you create your vape juice. Taste is important in vape juice creation. There are lots of variables to consider when creating a mix. If you do not record the date that you create your vape juice, you can easily forget the specifics of a formula. It's best to mark down the date and also make some notes about what you used to create your blend.



    If you're going to be mixing your own e-juice, you should have a box of disposable gloves handy because they will keep you and your juice free of contamination. While not absolutely essential, using disposable gloves makes the whole process easier to deal with and gives peace of mind that nothing is getting mixed up.


    E-juice calculators (an essential tool)

    E-juice calculators provide you with accurate calculations for mixing DIY E-liquid. The app is simple to use and loads fast. It will show you how much flavoring and nicotine base to use in order to end up with the strength and volume of your desired product.


    Syringes for mixing by volume

    Syringes are used to deliver the exact amount of liquid for mixing your e-juice. These precision syringes are easy to use and much more accurate than a standard dropper bottle. Syringes are used to mix e-juice at a 1:1 ratio making it easy to vape without pulling out the scales. You can then use these straight from the syringes if you want of course.


    A scale for mixing by weight

    If you are an e-juice maker mixing your own e-juice or looking to make your own e-juice, you will need to have a scale. You want to mix by weight instead of volume because the density of different flavorings can vary and impact the final product in unexpected ways.


    Dangerous ingredients to avoid

    The most important thing to remember when mixing your e-juice is to avoid dangerous ingredients that will obviously ruin your mix. These ingredients include but are not limited to: essential oils (any type of oil), very high-strength nicotine, and household items (such as laundry detergent, bleach, or soaps). Obviously, these things would be dangerous to put in your vape juice.


    Pick a recipe and ratio

    There are a lot of vape juice recipes out there, and many of them don't have ratios. Use the search to find one you like with the ingredients you want, or find one that is similar to others you have tried and liked. Once you find your recipe, pick a ratio (PG/VG/Nicotine) make yourself a note on the recipe for reference, and mix it up!


    It’s time to start mixing

    Decide what strength of nicotine you prefer showing the approximate levels with each level being equivalent to a half or full pack a day cigarette. also, select a VG/PG ratio that you prefer. VG (vegetable glycerin) is thicker and carries flavor better than PG (propylene glycol). PG is used in things like fog machines and is generally recognized as being the better of the 2 compounds for producing vapor but VG carries flavor better. E-juice calculator will mix up the appropriate amount of ingredients necessary for your desired amount of e-juice so you can keep mixing until you get it just right.


    Things you need to do after making your own vape juice

    There are some things you have to do after making your own e-juice. First of all, if you are intending to use the vape juice immediately, you need to steep or age the juice before you use it. Steeping or aging makes the chemicals in the juices react together to produce complex flavorings and even brings out some of the flavors that may have remained dormant during the mixing process. Steeping allows the VG and PG to blend in perfectly, and those who make roll-ups can enjoy perfect moisture on their leaves. It takes two weeks for most juices to steep prior to use.

    A lot of people like to try making their own vape juice, but when they actually do, many don't realize a few crucial steps that go into the final product. You need to test your vape juice flavors to ensure that the flavorings combined properly and that the nicotine wasn't added too high. After testing time, always remember to store your vape juice in a cool, dry place for future use.

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