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  • April 10, 2021 3 min read

    Steeping is something that pretty much every vaper, and every new vaper is going to hear about at some point. What it is, or how it works, isn’t always clear though. That’s why we’re here to help explain it all to you.

    Steeping vape juice is actually very simple, once you know what you’re looking for, and how to do it.

    In this article I’m going to explain everything in simple terms, so even the newest of vapers can understand just what steeping vape juice means and how to steep your vape juice


    What is steeping vape juice?

    What is steeping vape juice?

    Steeping is the process where you let your vape juice sit in a dark dry cool place for a certain amount of time, and the vape juice will turn darker in color and let off a different aroma. This will allow your juice to taste better and have more flavor.

    Steeping works well for PG/VG mixes with high VG such as 80% - 100%. The main reason you would want to steep is when you get your new e-juice and it tastes harsh, or it's really light in flavor, or if it has a weird aftertaste. Steeping can help fix these issues.

    Why steep vape juice ?

    Answering the question, why steep vape juice, can be tricky as each person's reasons are unique.

    Some people choose to steep to create a smoother flavor while others like more vapor and therefore steep it for longer periods of time.

    Many e-liquid makers will list how long they "recommend" steeping their e-liquids for and you'll find that the length of time ranges anywhere from 3 days up to just under a month.


    How long does steeping e-juice take?

    How long does steeping e-juice take?

    Vape juice is steeped for at least 6 days before it is ready to be vape. Once the e-juice has been mixed and placed in the cartridge, you can use it immediately. It will have a very strong e-juice flavor if it is freshly mixed in your tank.

    After 6 days, the juice is ready to be vaped. Nicotine strength plays a part in how quickly the nicotine leaves the e-liquid.

    The longer it sits unopened and unused, the more steeping occurs naturally, because there is no added heat or pressure extended on it.

    How to steep e-juice?

    Stick your bottle of e-juice in the fridge for a few hours (the slower you let it chill, the better). After a while you're going to see some condensation build up on the glass. That's when you know it's time to take it out.

    It takes about 24 hours for the juices to cool down and for the PG to fully separate. Now you're ready to fill your tank. To make sure your e-juice steeped correctly, we suggest you drip a little juice through your tank before filling it up.

    Steeping does not alter the actual flavor of your juice. It only enhances and fully brings out its true natural flavor. Vape juice that is steeped has a more complex flavor than that of vape juice right out of the box.

    Steeping also helps keep your e-liquid from degrading right away which in turn keeps your vape juices fresh longer.



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