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  • September 14, 2022 4 min read

    Whether a new vaper or a veteran, you should know that vaping and coughing shouldn’t go together, but it does happen. You might cough when you were a newbie adjusting and coming from original cigarette smoking.

    But there are other reasons for coughing, so how can you prevent them?

    This article will discuss all the factors contributing to a vape cough and how to stop coughing using a vape.

    What is coughing, and why do we cough?

    According to Cleveland Clinic’s experts, a cough is a natural and unconditional reflex of your body trying to remove small particles, microorganisms, mucus, food or drinks accidentally going down your airway, throat and lungs.

    "A cough helps your body to heal and protect the respiratory from infection."

    Suppose you are an experienced smoker and have just turned to vape. In that case, coughing is one common side effect and could destroy your vaping experience.


    So, when you cough using a vape, this is an irritating cough that appears after inhaling your vaping device and taking it down to your throat. You may suffer a sore throat or irritated respiratory tract.

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    A look back to traditional smokers using cigarettes, do they cough?

    First, you cough when the body identifies some irritants coming into your airway. A traditional smoker takes in more than 4000 chemicals and 50 carcinogens when smoking a traditional cigarette.

    Some chemicals can cause severe cancers, and cigarettes are attributed to various health conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and lung disease. Traditional smokers cough when smoking as many chemicals enter their bodies.

    When you vape, on the other hand, you only inhale Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and food flavourings, that is 99% fewer ingredients, toxins and chemicals compared to cigarettes.

    Then. . .why are you coughing when vaping? Here are four main reasons.

    Four main reasons for coughing using vaping or what makes vapers cough:

    In most cases, coughing using a vape is only temporary, and it mostly appears with new vapers. Sometimes it takes a little bit of getting used to, but others have suffered for longer.


    This happens as vapers don’t know the reasons for coughing, so the root just cannot be disabled. Here is a look at four main reasons and how to stop coughing using a vape.

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    1. Sensitive to propylene glycol (PG ratio):

    To get the smoking sensation, Propylene Glycol (PG) were added to vape juice to make it more realistic. It is one of the four main ingredients of vape juice, a colourless liquid, 100% safe for humans and has a slightly sweet taste.

    PG plays an important role in creating a realistic smoking sensation; with a high PG ratio, it creates a true “throat hit” like a cigarette. Too much PG in vape juice means more “throat hit” experience, and in some cases, more “throat hit” causes acidity in your throat so that you cough.

    2.High nicotine level or chain vaping

    If you are experiencing coughing using a vape with a high nicotine strength juice, simply try a lower nicotine level.

    Your respiratory and brain might not get used to a high nicotine level, so the brain navigates your body to make a cough to protect itself.

    By the way, you may still experience coughing with low nicotine levels if you vape too much, or we call chain vaping.

    Your body will let you know if you are doing something too much, so keep pace, have a few puffs and then put your vape down.

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    3. Dry throat or dehydration

    3 out of 4 main components in vape juice are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Nicotine; all of them can cause dehydration in your body, especially dryness in your throat.

    Propylene Glycol (PG), on its way through your throat, bonds with the water in your mouth and throat, making the problem more complicated. A very quick fix would be to drink extra water. This will help all of your bodily functions and could eliminate your cough.

    4. Wrong devices or wrong use (damaged coil / wrong wattage setting)

    Lager devices or sub-ohm vape usually come with a changeable coil. Over time, the coils can tear down to particles or gather a build of residues that can cause an unpleasant experience.

    So, replace your coil periodically; it improves the vaping experience and helps prevent coughing. For further discussion, look at our article about replacing your device’s coil.


    In addition, a high PG ratio juice is suitable for small vape pods that use low-power batteries and low wattage. When vapers use high PG ratio juice with high power devices, this device could heat the liquid overburnt and turn into other chemicals, which your lungs consider irritants. Remember to set the wattage of your device with the right PG ratio of the vaping liquid.

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    In conclusion, why do you cough using vaping and how to stop it?

    In summary, you could list four main reasons for coughing using vaping: sensitivity to vape juice components, high nicotine level, dehydration, and wrong use of the device.

    You now know the reasons and the solution for each, but it can say shortly that:

    • Care about what you inhale into your lungs
    • Use the right device in a right way
    • Always keep your body hydrated; it’s good in many ways.

    For further information on choosing a suitable vaping device or a best-fit vape juice for your demand, please visit our site and take qualified products for your own; you could also read more tips about vaping healthily and make it happier. Try out!

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