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New to Vaping? Read This!

Do you want to get away from tobacco but don’t know where to start? We’re here to demystify vaping once and for all so that you can make the switch easier and with both feet forward! P.S. This post won’t contain anything about the medical aspects of vaping since we’ve covered that a number of times already, but rather on actually how to get into vaping by explaining all of the different types of vape devices available out there and what you can expect from them. 

Disposable Pod Devices

These are the simplest vaping devices out there. Each disposable pod device is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. No charging, no fiddling with anything, just unwrap the device and start puffing away. After the pod runs out, then throw away the device. That’s it! No fuss, no muss! Just use it out of the box.

These are the perfect starter devices for anyone that just wants to try vaping out for size. It is cheap, less than 40%-50 the price of a pack of cigarettes. Not only that, these are also MTL or mouth to lung devices, which perfectly mimic the way people traditionally smoke tobacco. The downside? Being starter devices, they usually only come in a few flavors, flavors that mimic traditional tobacco taste. 

Pros Cons

Super Easy to Use

Keeping Extra is Bulky

No Settings to Fiddle With

Wasteful (Throwing away boxes,

the whole device after using)

Limited Flavour Options

Prefilled Pod System


These are a step up from your disposable pod devices. They still use pre-filled pods or cartridges, but the main difference is that once the pod is done, you just pop out the spent pod and replace it with a fresh one. The units themselves are often made with a tough and durable zinc alloy and come in stylish colors. If they run low on batteries, they can be charged in under an hour, just like you would any other battery powered devices. Cost-wise, the devices are a bit more expensive than your disposable pod devices, but you’ll quickly recoup the difference when buying refills as you can buy two pre-filled pods for less than the price of one disposable pod device. 

 Flavor-wise, pre-filled pod systems have a wider range of flavor choices than disposable pod devices and these are usually enough to keep people away from smoking for good. 

Pros Cons

Super Easy to Use

Short Battery Life

Cartridges are pretty handy

No Real Battery Life Indicator

Decent cartridge flavour selection

Some Also has Refillable Pod Option

Refillable Pod Systems

Now things are starting to become interesting. Refillable pod systems like the Freemax Maxpod have cartridges in different configurations where the user can choose between higher volumes of vapor or hotter, tighter draws which resemble the traditional cigarette experience. The pods or cartridges are no longer single use. The cartridges are refillable and are good for up to a week of heavy usage. Flavor-wise, there’s almost an unlimited choice of flavors out there from many different nicotine e-liquid manufacturers. Cost-wise, it’s a far cry from pre-filled pod systems or disposable pod devices. A 30ml bottle of salt nicotine e-liquid costs roughly the same as a disposable pod and it contains enough juice for up to 20 refills! 

Pros Cons

Super Easy to Use

Some people find it tricky to refill

Almost Unlimited Flavour Choice

Leaks may become a problem

Different coil types available

Pod Mod System

These are hybrid devices that combine the best of having a pod system and a full-fledged variable mod system. Pod mod systems give you the option of adjusting power levels to so that you can dial in the perfect heat or vapor level that you want. Pod mod systems also hold larger amounts of salt nicotine e-liquids (usually up to 4.5ml or three times the capacity of a regular pod cartridge) which means that you can go a few days before refilling your pod mod system. Couple the larger pod capacity with a large battery and you can have an uninterrupted vaping experience for days on end! Pod mod systems like the Voopoo Drag X also give you a choice of different coil configurations to further customize your vaping experience. 

Pros Cons

Customisable Power Settings

Button style operation may activate

In pocket if not switched off

Large Battery Collection

Leaks may become a problem

If stored for too long

Unlimited Flavour Choice

Not as handy or discreet as

smaller devices

Larger e-liquid capacity

Advanced MOD System

If you’ve gotten this far then congratulations! Most people will just get themselves a refillable pod system and call it a day. Advanced mod systems have all of the bells and whistles that you will ever need to bring your vaping to the next level. You can adjust power levels as low as you want and as high as you need. You can choose from many different atomizers, designs, builds, and customize every single aspect of your vaping experience. Advanced mod systems like the Vaporesso Gen Kit also have advanced safety features to make sure that your vaping experience is not only great, but safe as well. 

Pros Cons

Unlimited Customisability

Unlimited Customizability

(Can get confusing for a total beginner,

but this is easily overcome)

Great Battery Life

Bigger size device

Excellent safety features

Mod maintenance can require

a bit of commitment

Salt Nicotine Vs Regular Nicotine (Freebase)

Instead of getting all science-y we’ll explain the difference between Salt Nicotine and Regular nicotine in a way that’s useful (and significant!) for vapers to understand. 

Salt nicotine is made in such a way to make it feel “smoother” when vaped at higher nicotine levels. Regular nicotine can get very harsh and almost unbearable when reaching levels above 24mg/ml while salt nicotine can go as high as 50mg/ml and still feel smooth. 

Due to the high nicotine concentrations of many salt nicotine e-liquids, pod devices that utilize them are usually lower powered and mimic traditional cigarette smoking. Regular nicotine e-liquids on the other hand typically have low nicotine concentrations and this is why higher powered devices are needed for them to deliver the nicotine fix that people crave. 

While it may seem that salt nicotine is the best choice for people looking for a nicotine fix, there are reasons why people still vape e-liquids that use regular nicotine at lower concentrations. Nicotine Salts are not suitable for High Powered MOD devices

Higher powered devices mean that more vapor is produced, more vapor means more flavor. With all the different kinds of flavors out there, it’s easy to understand why people still love using e-liquids with freebase nicotine. 

The bottom line is, different strokes for different folks. For those who just want to get their nicotine fix in the most efficient way, then pod systems and salt nicotine e-liquids are the way to go. For those who want to tweak their vaping experience and experience the wide selection of flavors out there then the more advanced mod systems are the way to go.

Is there a wrong choice?

No, there isn’t! Every person has his or her own preference and the only way to find out which system works for you is to try it yourself! For the total beginner who doesn’t know where to start then trying out a disposable vape device is the way to go. It costs less than a pack of cigarettes and it gives you a good introduction to vaping, and if you don’t like it, then you’ve lost nothing except maybe the cost of half a pack of smokes. If you’re eager to experience different flavors that are offered by vaping but aren’t ready to go to a full system then skip the disposable pod devices altogether and get a pre-filled pod system, you can find cartridges with a variety of flavors so you can try them all out, all for the cost of a couple of cigarette packs. 

If you’ve tried vaping before on older systems but didn’t like all of the things involved with maintaining a vape device then a refillable pod or a pod mod system is the way to go. Minimal maintenance is required and the selection of flavors and nicotine levels is more than enough to keep you interested for a long time!  

Whatever you choose, it’s going to be the right choice. The right step in the right direction away from tobacco. 

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