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  • February 06, 2021 3 min read

    It seems like everyone is talking about nicotine salt e-liquids. But what exactly are they? What is nicotine salt and how is it different from regular freebase nicotine? What devices work best with them? Here's everything you need to know about this hot new trend in vaping.

    There are two basic types of nicotine delivery systems in the market. One is the freebase nicotine, and the other is a salt based nicotine. The salt based systems tend to deliver less nicotine because it needs to be 100% absorbed by the body, while freebased nicotine can absorb at least 80% or more into your bloodstream. This means you can increase your nicotine intake with lower mg e-liquids without any throat irritation.`

    What is nicotine salt?

    nicotine salt


    Nicotine salt e-liquids are a solution to the inconsistency of traditional vaping. The higher the nicotine levels in an e-liquid, the more unpleasant they can be when vaping. With nicotine salt e-liquids, you experience a smooth hit with pleasant taste every time. There’s no staining of your teeth, nails, or lips like with other e-liquids and it’s not as harsh on your throat either. Plus the dosage of nicotine is intensely satisfying while still leaving you feeling refreshed afterward!



    The benefits of nicotine salt

    Nicotine salt has a few added benefits when compared to freebase nicotine. Since it’s derived from nicotine that’s naturally found in tobacco leaves, it’s been altered by decades of evolution and refinement. This means that the particle size is smaller (0.5 microns v 5 microns) which allows for higher absorption rates than with freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts also produce less of a throat hit compared to freebase because it hits the bloodstream faster, and provides a smoother throat hit because of its chemical makeup.

    What is freebase nicotine?

    freebase nicotine

     Freebase is the purest form of nicotine, unsweetened and available in a variety of strengths for those who want to vape with more specialized needs. Freebase means that the nicotine was extracted from tobacco without any acids added to it, ‘acid treating’ is used by some e-cigarette companies. The undiluted freebase liquid form is more suited to electronic cigarette devices with low power/high resistance atomizers and therefore provides a stronger throat hit and more flavor.

    Once you open an e-liquid bottle that contains “freebase” nicotine, chemical reactions will break down the nicotine until it is converted to other compounds like nornicotine (a mild carcinogen) which can then be inhaled by vapers. The breakdown of nicotine into nornicotine results in “tainted” e-liquid which can alter its flavor. 

    The difference between nicotine salt and freebase

    Nicotine salt is the natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Freebase is the naturally occurring form of nicotine commonly used in e-liquids. Nicotine salt is much more soluble in water than freebase, which makes it a better choice for delivering nicotine to the bloodstream via the mucous membranes in the mouth.

    Nicotine derived from tobacco leaves is slightly acidic with a pH of 6.0 – 7.0, and while relatively stable, can be oxidized with exposure to air resulting in the release of ammonia. This is the biggest difference between freebase nicotine and nicotine salt: Freebase nicotine has a higher pH level which causes it to be harsher on vapers’ lungs.

    What device to use for nicotine salt?

    Electronic cigarette kits come in two varieties, open and closed. Open system devices are refillable pods that give you the freedom to choose your e-juice. Closed system devices typically come with pre-filled pods that need to be disposed of once emptied.

    Nicotine salt e-liquid is mainly used with open system vape pods. This is a device that allows you to manually refill nicotine salt e-juice. Unlike the closed system devices, you can buy any bottle of  vape juice with nicotine salt at varying nicotine strengths to find a flavor that suits you best.

    Nicotine Salt e-liquid is a game-changer in the vaping industry. With independent lab tests confirming Nicotine Salt outperforms freebase nicotine and has higher levels of nicotine, Nicotine Salt allows vapers to enjoy the sensation of inhaling comparable cigarettes while enjoying a non-combustible, smoke-free product.

    If you are a smoker, do not hesitate to switch to Nicotine Salt.

    Try new things. You have nothing to lose.

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