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  • April 28, 2022 6 min read

    Welcome back to ECigOz, and hello!

    Have you ever wondered, "What does non-nicotine vape juice mean?" or "Who is the best person to use this thing with?"

    We'll find out the answer to those questions today.

    Let's get this celebration started, shall we?

    Why should people choose Non Nicotine vape juice?

    Unlike Nicotine Vape Juice,Non-nicotine vape juice is used in non-nicotine e-cigarettes. This is the juice of choice for two types of vape smokers: those who have quit and those who are new to vaping.

    Those who have had difficulty quitting smoking will pick juices with a high nicotine content and progressively diminish to nicotine-free liquids.

    Nicotine-free essential oils are an excellent alternative for novice smokers. Each bottle of juice sans nicotine allows smokers to completely experience the wonderful flavor of sweet essential oils.

    You might be shocked to learn that some e-cigarette users have never smoked nicotine-containing liquid.

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    Top 10 must-try Non-Nicotine vape juice

    There's top 10 Non-nicotine vape juice you better give it a try:

    For more details:

    Ecigoz - Tobacco Vape Juice

     Tobacco Vape Juice is an e-liquid with a tobacco taste

    Heavy smokers who are enamored with tobacco flavor may find it difficult to quit.

    We, at ECigOz, understand, thus we provide you one of the most popular flavors that has attracted a large number of smokers.

    Tobacco Vape Juice is an e-liquid with a tobacco taste that has been popular for quite some time.

    Furthermore, Tobacco Vape Juice comes in four different nicotine strengths; however, because the goal is to quit smoking, ECigOz created a non-nicotine vape juice that will be an excellent alternative for individuals who want to quit smoking while still enjoying a delicious flavor.

    Tobacco Vape Juice isn't too expensive; $29.95 is a reasonable price for habitual smokers.

    We offer this product a 9 out of 10 because the authentic tobacco flavor will comfort smokers, making it simpler for them to stop.

    Ecigoz - Menthol Vape Juice

    Menthol Vape Juice is a fantastic taste for lowering the heat in the summer

    The majority of individuals, especially in the summer, prefer to avoid the heat. It's interesting to take a deep breath and feel the coldness in your throat.

    So, because of the coolness, menthol nicotine e-juice is a fantastic taste for lowering the heat in the summer. With a cold puff, you can renew your life and start a nice day with a pleasant attitude.

    With the same pricing as the first ECigOz products above, most people will be able to feel the cooling while using menthol vape juice.

    This non-nicotine vape juice receives an 8 out of 10 rating.

    Ecigoz - Apple Vape Juice

    Apple vape juice tastes simply

    The aroma of green apple juice e-liquid is similar to that of fruit juice. The flavor isn't overpowering or novel, yet it's just right for gamers to get a cool feeling.

    Saying goodbye to the smell of conventional smoke on garments, there is now a crisp and alluring green apple perfume in every breath.

    Apple vape juice is a popular variety of green apple juice among vapers. This taste is simple to make and has a unique vape juice flavor profile. With each breath, the player's senses of smell, taste, and touch will be sublimated.

    Price: $25.95 NZD.

    Score of this item: 8/10.

    Ecigoz - Strawberry Cream Vape Juice

    Strawberry Cream Vape Juice has the rich, sweet, and fragrant flavor of a strawberry cream dessert

    If you enjoy cake but are concerned about its high fat content, go no further than Strawberry Cream vape juice. This non-nicotine vape juice has the rich, sweet, and fragrant flavor of a strawberry cream dessert. That taste is enough to "melt" the hearts of all sweet-toothed people.

    It won't promise you anything it can't give, and every hit will leave you with a sweet and tantalizing kiss. This nicotine e-liquid is ideal for those who have a sweet appetite and miss the delicious flavor of strawberry cream when the fruit is no longer in season.

    Price: $25.95 NZD.

    Score of this item: 9/10.

    Ecigoz - Unflavoured Vape Juice

    Unflavoured vape juice is not a nicotine-free vape juice

    Unflavored vape juice may not be suitable for everyone because it can be unpleasant on the throat. This vape juice, on the other hand, is a good alternative for individuals searching for a strong nicotine dose. It enables you to taste the nicotine and experience how wonderful it is. You can then pick whether you prefer to vape for the flavor or for the nicotine.

    Unflavoured vape juice, on the other hand, is not a nicotine-free vape juice for people looking to reduce their nicotine intake. People prefer unflavored vape juice because of the nicotine buzz; however, if you prefer non-nicotine vape juice, you have other options.

    Price: $25.95 NZD.

    Because the appeal of this product is determined by vapers' preferences, it will receive a 7 out of 10 rating.

    Nasty Juice - Bad Blood

    Nasty Juice Bad Blood has a mint aroma that gives your throat a cooling sensation

    The distinctive flavor of blackcurrant is sweetness with a tinge of sourness, making it suitable for those who prefer a variety of flavors rather than a single bland one.

    Furthermore, Bad Blood has a mint aroma that gives your throat a cooling sensation when you take a puff.

    Nasty Juice Bad Blood stands out in the e-liquid industry as a result of blending two incredible flavors.

    You should give this non-nicotine vape juice a try at least once because it never disappoints you.

    Price: $34.99 NZD.

    Score: 9/10

    Bastard Series - Vulture Straight Tobacco By Nasty Juice

    Lycan Vanilla Caramel Tobacco By Nasty Juice

    Those who are enamored with the cigarette flavor can indulge their passion with the flavor of robust tobacco.

    Furthermore, vapers will be able to completely taste this fantastic flavor by blending two incredibly aromatic smells, vanilla and caramel.

    When two ingredients are blended in E-liquid, a delicious flavor emerges, ensuring that vapers have a good time.

    Price: $30.00 NZD.

    Score: 9/10.

    Chosen - Pineapple Slices

    Chosen - Pineapple Slices was created in New Zealand and is based on a UK recipe

    Chosen - Pineapple slices will be a fantastic choice for you when you want to enjoy the flavor of one of the most delicious fruits, thanks to the refreshing taste of pineapple slices.

    This E-liquid is created in New Zealand and is based on a UK recipe. Lion Labs produced it in an ISO 5 cleanroom. Chosen E-liquid is a high-end import E-liquid that will not disappoint.

    Price: $25.95 NZD.

    Score: 8/10.

    FAQs about Non-Nicotine Vape Juice

    Does vaping necessitate a lot of liquid?

    The amount of ejuice consumed may vary depending on your needs, the purpose of use, and the burner you are using.

    One bottle of 30ml will last more than a week for individuals who are not hooked on nicotine. One 30ml vial will last 4 to 5 days for smokers with heavy nicotine demands.

    What exactly is VG? What exactly is PG?

    VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin or Glycol, which we abbreviate to VG. This is a combination of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen found in organic matter.

    VG is a sweet liquid that is non-toxic, viscous, odorless, and colorless. It is often used to flavor cosmetics, meals, and ice cream.

    VG can be produced directly from vegetable oils, such as coconut or palm oil, by heating them with water at a high temperature and then distilling them to remove impurities.

    E-liquid producers commonly utilize USP Glycerin, which contains 99.7% pure glycerin and 0.3 percent water. This is a crucial ingredient in a juice bottle, and for vapers, it is a must-have component that adds to smoke.

    PG is a component that dilutes the consistency of VG; these two ingredients are usually used together to let the oil permeate the cotton, and the clearomizer and wick are simple to use. It also gives you the impression that you're smoking, which is beneficial for folks who are trying to quit smoking.

    Is it possible to become addicted to non-nicotine vape juice?

    Non-nicotine e-liquid is made using a specific fragrance technique, as previously stated. As a result, they have little danger of becoming addicted.

    You may feel certain that this has been proved by a number of test units. This is a fantastic alternative for those of you who want to quit smoking cigarettes.

    Where can you get the finest e-juice deals?

    In certain circumstances, tainted firms continue to sell nicotine vape e-juice under the non-nicotine label. As a result, we constantly advise clients to shop at reliable stores.

    ECigOz is a place like that, where you can pick from a wide range of high-quality e-liquids for your vaping needs.

    Simply scroll down to the banner and click it; everything you want will appear. Of course, non-nicotine vape juice is included.

    To see all of the aforementioned goods, simply CLICK HERE.

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