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The Latest Caliburn Price List in Australia

October 26, 2022 3 min read

The Latest Caliburn Price List in Australia

Are you concerned about finding the best Caliburn product at a reasonable price? Then you should read this article.

Due to a lack of knowledge on this subject, many vapers, especially beginners, feel overwhelmed by Caliburn's numerous options.

They don't purchase a friendly-budget item or it is not their ideal device. We will expose you to some standout items from three of Caliburn's major collections together with the Caliburn price list.


Uwell Caliburn is the name of Pod series which Uwell vape device brand names for the best-seller pod series of all the time. 

Peak design, compatibility, and a perfect vaping experience are the critical features for vapers when they mention the Uwell Caliburn products. Just keep everything as simple as eating a pie.


Also, almost all the vapes by Uwell give a perfect lung hit; not as powerful as the mod (MTL), but it is nearly there. Could you imagine the feelings between DL and MTL - That is exactly what Uwell Caliburn provides.

Since Uwell introduced the trendy Caliburn line, this company has developed more Caliburn products with their competitive edge to satisfy their customers. The Uwell Caliburn outstanding collections are A, G, and X. Now, they become the best-seller series worldwide.

Okay. . . We just got through some key information about Uwell Caliburn. They seem perfect to you, right? Then, how about the price? Are these high-end ones? Let's find out in the following section.


The table below gives you the specific prices of all products from the three listed collections at the ECigOz store.

=> ECigOz also have the vape devices price in Australia

Product Name Price at ECigOz Store
Caliburn $54.95 NZD
Caliburn A2 $45.00 NZD
Caliburn KOKO $49.95 NZD
Caliburn AK2 $50.00 NZD
Caliburn A2S $45.00 NZD
Caliburn GK2 $50.00 NZD
Caliburn G2 $50.00 NZD
Caliburn G $56.95 NZD
Caliburn KOKO PRIME $49.95 NZD
Caliburn X $45.00 NZD


Before going to the detailed price of each pod kit, we will give you the information on three big series called the A, G, and X series.


Caliburn A series consists of 5 various devices. A2 Pod Kit and Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit stand out because, at first impression, one has a traditional pen design while the other is shaped like a lighter. Each includes an internal 520mAh battery, a fixed 15W power output, and a 2ml pod cartridge.


The Caliburn was the same as the previous Kokos, except in a different body type. They are identical in terms of specifications, Pods, and every other aspect; they differ only in shape from the classic Caliburn stick design by being shorter and squarer.


Both nicotine salt and freebase e-liquids work well with the Caliburn G 15W pod, a small open-system kit. Its refilling pod has a top fill that prevents leaks and can carry up to 2 ml of liquid.


The upgraded replaceable UN2.8 Meshed coil, which can dependably provide consistent heat to atomize the juice and deliver delicious flavours, is the key component of the new Caliburn device. A Type-C charging port and a 690mAh rechargeable battery power it as well.


A contemporary e-cigarette pod by Uwell with an integrated 850 mAh battery is called the Caliburn X. It is extremely lightweight and portable. Therefore, this pod system is a great daily companion.


The Caliburn X can be turned on or off by clicking five times. Thanks to the 1.2 and 0.8 Ohm coils (evaporator heads), you have a wonderful start with the set. The coils are replaced and attached by pushing and pulling from the pod's bottom.


The Uwell Caliburn range between $45.00 and $55.00 NZD, which is considered affordable for all vapers.

Do not worry if you are wondering which products are best for you. We are constantly online to help you and give you friendly-budget prices. Please visit ECigOz to purchase Caliburn items or other things.

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