The Right Amount of Nicotine Vape Juice for You

January 30, 2021 4 min read

The Right Amount of Nicotine Vape Juice for You

Any e-cigarette user knows how vapour can vary in taste and consistency. One of the most obvious aspects that can affect the overall experience is nicotine levels, yet the choice of nicotine strength seems to confuse most new e-cig users. 

For beginners, you want to make sure that the nicotine level is appropriate for your needs. Do you know how you feel when you have had too much coffee? Nicotine can be similar to a stimulant that over stimulates the body and mind creating feelings of over energy and anxiety.

To help you understand how varying nicotine levels can make a difference, I have highlighted an important guideline as the following.

Know your nicotine level

Know your nicotine level

'Nicotine level' is usually written in milligrams (mg) per gram (g) on the packaging. So if you see 18mg/g, that would mean there’s 18mg of nicotine in each gram of e-juice.

If you want to quit smoking for healthy reasons, aim to reduce your nicotine level from day one down to zero at the end of 3-to-4 weeks.

If you smoke often, you should switch to a different level.

There are 3 levels of nicotine: low, medium, and high

0mg: Lightest Level. This amount of nicotine is best for beginners

Users looking to use this amount will find they are experiencing a whole new level of smoking pleasure while still able to enjoy the hands-on experience of smoking without any of the harmful side effects

6mg: Lighter than Medium. This level of nicotine is perfect for light smokers looking to get a satisfying amount of nicotine without a harsh taste or high expense

11mg: Medium Level. 11mg delivers large amounts of nicotine that give a more immediate jolt of satisfaction. Most users might feel a bit lightheaded at first, so it is important to inhale and exhale very slowly as you get used to the sensation.

17mg: Heavy High-test. This nicotine level is suitable for people who want a strong throat hit and this type of e-liquid is not recommended for the first time.

24mg: Strongest level. 24mg is for those looking for strong, natural nicotine levels. This amount of nicotine is the strongest in the range and will produce a similar sensation to cigarettes. The higher amount of nicotine makes using e-cigarettes an easier transition from smoking because the throat hit is very similar to a traditional cigarette. 24mg is recommended for vapers who smoke 20+ cigarettes a day and want the highest level of nicotine possible.

In addition, you can also have a look at Non-Nicotine Vape Juice.

Check out our Nicotine Shot Calculator

Be familiar with your vaping device

If you want to buy your first vaping starter kit, you might be wondering what all the options available on the market are about and what really makes one better than another. It can be a really confusing process, especially if you’re not an experienced vaper. Many products seem to overlap in their features, and it can seem impossible to figure out which product is going to fit best into your daily

Individual vaper will have their own optimal nicotine level and will vary depending on:

  • Quantity of nicotine in the e-liquid flavor
  • Outdated habits from earlier smoking experiences
  • Your preferred device

When you are selecting and using e-liquids with nicotine, be sure to do this test if you feel that the potency isn't strong. 

Search for the right e-cig

Search for the right e-cig

Tips for choosing your first e-cig:

  • Test a few different kinds before you buy
  • Try different juices to get the flavour right for you
  • Test with and without nicotine
  • Minimize risk by purchasing from a manufacturer with a proven product
  • Test the battery to see if it’s compatible with your e-juice
  • Take time to read the packaging to see how to charge the battery and how long it stays charged for
  • Find out where you will be allowed to use it
  • Find the best size and style for you 
  • Consider how important taste, looks, and battery life are before purchasing
  • Check to see if it produces as much vapor as you would like 
  • Read reviews online to see if other customers had any issues with the model.

There are a variety of nicotine strengths available to choose from, based on your personal preferences. The more nicotine you consume, the more you will begin to experience the physical effects of using nicotine.

About us: Ecigoz is one of the best  nicotine vape juice in Australia and comes in a wide range of flavors. Our products are designed to be as effective as smoking but without harmful substances such as tar, and carbon monoxide and our vape juices can be used with standard e-cigarettes for the same great effect. Our e liquids have actually been purified five times using a unique method that involves being filtered through activated coconut shell carbon, an ingredient that is one hundred percent natural and which has been proven to remove impurities in water. 

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