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  • June 29, 2022 4 min read

    What is no nicotine vape juice Australia? If you'd instead just take the healthier route and stay nicotine-free but don't want to eliminate vaping from your life, the products that we mention in this article are for you.

    There is no denying that a good nicotine hit is a large part of the appeal of vaping, but it is not all that the experience you will get.

    So you can lower or cut the nicotine out of your lifestyle without leaving behind the delicious vapor that e-liquids offer. Here are the top 5 picks from ECigOz' beloved customers that you should consider.

    Top 5 Products No Nicotine Vape Juice Australia to Get Your Hands-On

    I know . . . I know . . . You are so excited to look for the best non nicotine vape juice.

    So, let ECigOz help you with the quit smoking process. We've summarized all the recommendations from our customers to choose the top 5 products to go with the fascinating taste.

    Let's pass the commercial and dig into it!

    The One Apple Flavour by Beard Vape Co
    Indulge in a Scrumptious New Breakfast Vape


    No Nicotine Vape Juice from The One by Beard Vape Co Experience

    Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with this magical e-liquid. If you are a dessert lover, you'll rejoice every time you take a puff of this intoxicating flavour. And the best part, besides not having to get any extra pounds, you get to vape it!

    With a savoury doughnut covered with cinnamon-coated cereal bites, it produces a dense and genuinely satisfying vaping experience. This yummy e-juice is ideal for any vape fan who loves a rich e-juice that allows them to vape all day.

    During inhaling, your palate will be instantly filled with pure cinnamon goodness. Then, when it intensifies, the warm apples' fruitiness should break through before that rich pastry taste dipped in a glass of milk come to satisfy your cravings.

    How Much Does The One Apple Taste by Beard Vape Cost?

      This product is currently available at Ecigoz for NZD 34.95

      Beard Vape Co No.00
      A Great Combination of Cappuccino With Balance of Tobacco


      Why do People Love to Use Beard Vape Co No.00?

      There is no doubt why there are two products from Beard Vape Co that existed in the top 5 list. The taste, experience, and after-taste are all fascinating to tingle your tongue.

      Goes with the perfect combination of a sweet cappuccino and rich tobacco flavour, the Beard Vape Co No.00 creates a unique flavour that should go down in the record books as one of the most satisfying flavours.

      When inhaled, you will receive a smooth and sweet cappuccino taste, complementing the exquisite tobacco-based exhale. While exhaling, the fresh tobacco taste also will hit the palate that ties together this vape experience.

      How Much Does No.00 By Beard Vape Cost?

      You can get a bottle of this magical e-liquid for $34.95 at Ecigoz.

      Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu
      Feeling Refreshed From Start to Finish


      What makes Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu fascinating?

      This vape juice will bring the sour flavor you are looking for. You'll start with a cloud of sweetness from the fresh Passion Fruit flavor before experiencing the tartness of plump raspberries and Japanese Yuzu, a grapefruit-like fruit with hints of mandarin orange. So if you prefer e-liquids sour and fruity, this model is your best bet.

      During exhaling, the sweetness of these fruits would come alive, allowing your cravings to be satisfied as you decide to take a few more pulls.

      How Much Does Passionfruit Raspberry by Yuzu Cost?

      Ecigoz is currently offering Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu By Pachamama at NZD 35.00.

      Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry by Pachamama


      Fruity Concoction That Will Tingle the Senses 

      Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry by Pachamama is an aromatic and delicious combination of mixed fruits that will seduce your palate and satisfy your soul. There is no denying that it is a fantastic option to have in any E-Juice collection.

      On your inhale, those delicious fruits will take full control taste bud with unique flavors that will make your mouth instantly water uncontrollably.

      As these mouth-watering fruit flavors intensify, pure sweetness will become the final factor in rounding out this sensation flawlessly during exhaling, making your next draw or two even more refreshing and memorable.

      Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry by Pachamama Price

      Ecigoz currently offers Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry for only NZD 35.00, a fantastic deal for a 60mL bottle.

      Nasty Juice By Fat Boy
      The Must try No Nicotine Vape Juice Australia


      Extraordinary Mix to blow your taste

      This e-juice will satisfy your sweet tooth’s fantasies quickly and convincingly. Each puff will deliver the tropical flavor, allowing your tongue to reach a fruity paradise.

      Each you inhale and exhale, your tongue with a great tropical fruity flavors cocktail. The Fat Boy e-juice features a perfect balance between tang and sweetness, providing an exhilarating taste that keeps your palate in a state of excitement.

      When you inhale this e-juice, a fresh blast of fresh mango flavor will wake your taste buds and tease the sweet tooth along the way. After that, various tropical flavors will take over, seducing you with sweet and tangy notes. Then, while exhaling, a sugary sweet mango flavor with a hint of mint will satisfy you more than expected.

      The price of Nasty Juice Fat Boy in Australia

      For about NZD 34.99, you can already own Nasty Juice By Fat Boy at Ecigoz.


      Is It Better to Vape With or Without Nicotine?

      Generally, vaping without nicotine appears to be safer than vaping with nicotine. But the long-term safety of vaping, regardless of nicotine presence, needs more research.

      Is It Legal to Buy Nicotine E-liquid From Australia?

      In Australia, the sale of nicotine e-liquid is banned in the country. So most Australian vapers search online retailers for nicotine vape juice sources.

      Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

      Vaping is cheaper and less harmful than smoking while still giving you a similar feel.

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