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  • March 15, 2021 4 min read

    Vaping is a lifestyle. While it is not necessarily that expensive, there are still somevape accessories you will need if you want to vape safely. You’ll definitely need a good battery and vape tank or two, but you’ll also find a bunch of other accessories useful as well. Here are my top vape accessories that I would suggest that everyone should have.


    Batteries are an important part of a vape set up. Poor quality batteries may cause you to have problems with your vape setup and cause damage to some of the more important parts. High quality batteries will last longer, charge faster and give off a better flavor of your e-liquid.

    Vape tanks

    Vape tank


    Vape tanks are an integral part of the vape setup. They hold the juice or e-liquid and are designed to be attached directly to a rechargeable box mod.

    Vape tanks - the plastic mouthpieces that hold your e-liquid are also known as glassomizers or clearomizers. While they all look the same on the outside, they've undergone several changes over recent years. Today's vape tanks are less complicated to use and more diverse in their structure. The most important thing to know is that they shouldn't be used for e-cig batteries with a voltage higher than 3.7v.



    Microfibre Cloths

    One of the best ways to keep your vape in prime condition is to use a top-quality microfibre cloth. They're easy to use and incredibly effective - allowing you to make sure that the outside of your vape stays clean and scratch-free. If you want to have your favorite device looking its best for many years to come, then this is one accessory that I think you're going to really love.

    Not only is microfibre fantastic for cleaning your device, but it’s also fantastic for keeping the rest of your vaping accessories clean. A dirty tank or dripping onto your battery will leave you with a bad taste


    Portable USB charger

    Portable USB charger


    Portable USB charger – This will give you the ability to charge your pen wherever you are. Since today, charging devices in your car while driving is illegal, so an alternative portable USB charger is a perfect replacement for this. It just needs to be plugged into the USB slot of your computer or any other device that can charge it through power output.






    Silicone mat

    A silicone mat is one of the most important vape accessories that you should have in your collection. It is not a necessary item to buy if you own a vaporizer, but it can increase the lifespan of your vaping device. When the vaporizer is placed directly on top of a hard surface such as a table or desk, the heat may eventually damage the table or desk and cause the surface to warp. The silicone mat protects the surface from warping and allows you to place the vape pen on top of a smooth and safe surface.


    Vape Storage

    Vape storage accessories help you organize your vaping gear and let you carry it around easily. Also, using a vape case to protect and secure your vaporizer can prove to be very beneficial. You will be able to use your vaporizer for a long time without having to worry about it getting damaged. Electronics need protection against dust, dirt, water, and other things that can damage them.

    Vape Cases

    Vape cases are a great way to keep your vaporizer safe from getting damaged. A vape case is actually a protective pouch that is used to store and protect your vaporizer. Material such as leather, hard plastic, and silicone or rubber is used to create a vape case that keeps your vaporizer safe from getting damaged when you are traveling via air, land, or sail. They are so popular because they can be easily carried around with you wherever you go. Many vape cases will even help prevent fires caused by defective chargers or malfunctioning lithium-ion batteries which have been known to cause fires.


    Tool Kit

    When you are a vaper, you will need some accessories. A tool kit is needed to make everything work properly. Tool kits are made to help you fix vape devices. Let's be honest, it's getting harder to fix something as complicated as a vape without the proper tools. This is the best way that one can enjoy his/her vaping experience in this life. And then, most of the users also have other accessories for their vaping habit, such as color-changing glass, mouthpieces, silicone rings. 


    Unicorn Bottles

    Unicorn bottles

    If you are looking for the top vape accessories that you should have, we recommend that you have a unicorn bottle to be one of them. A unicorn bottle is used to drip liquid nicotine into your e-cigarette or vaping device to control the amount of nicotine intake. It can also be used as an all-purpose carrying tank/bottle. 

    Vaporizer accessories are important for vapers because if you want to vape properly, they are necessary. Without them, you cannot vape in the way that you would like it. The vaporizer accessories that are here are the most basic ones for you to start with and we highly recommend that you have all of them. If it is too expensive for you, we still suggest that you get at least vape batteries and a collection box.

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