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Vape Juice: Where Is It Coming From and How Is It Made?

February 19, 2021 4 min read

Vape Juice: Where Is It Coming From and How Is It Made?

Have you ever wondered where eLiquid comes from? How do they make it? What’s it made of? What is its purpose? Well, I did. So, I decided to do some research and find the answers to these questions and much more. In this article, I will discuss the history, ingredients, and a comparison between the two most popular types of vape juice: PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin).

History of vape juice

History of vape juice

E-liquids started in small Chinese laboratories

E-liquids began in small Chinese laboratories. Scientists weren't looking to create a smokable product, just a nicotine replacement that would help people stop smoking. As time passed, e-liquids grew in popularity and moved into the mainstream world.
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The first commercialized e-juice was produced in 2006 by a Chinese pharmacist. The market for e-liquids is changing rapidly. People are no longer buying just a traditional cigarette, they are going for e-cigarettes. E-juices can be found in different flavors, and these juices contain a substance known as glycerin which makes the vapor for these cigarettes.

E-liquid is now made in a few Chinese companies and many American companies

Vape e-juice  is now made in a few Chinese companies and many American companies. vapers always favor buy e liquid from China because of lower price, more choices of flavors and nicotine, and all other similar products. Plus, there are many new DIY e liquid products from China that are really great! More-over, vape juice from china is usually packed without any toxic and dangerous ingredients such as diethylene glycol or diacetyl

How is e-juice made?

How is e-juice made?

Are you wondering how vape juice is made? The main ingredient in any e juice is Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These two basic ingredients are then flavoured, often with natural flavourings found in many foods such as berries and jam, but it can also be flavoured with the man-made synthetic flavours used in food and drink. There are some e juices on the market containing Diacetyl which is a substance linked to a little known condition called popcorn lung.

E-juice is typically made in a clean room where the temperature and humidity are tightly controlled. Food-grade flavorings and pharmaceutical grade nicotine are mixed with distilled water to create the e-liquid base. Glycerin or propylene glycol is added which helps the flavor adhere to the vapor and allows for the smooth draw that you’re accustomed to. Once a flavor has been selected, one of the expert mixologists will then precisely blend all of these ingredients together to create e-liquid. 

What is Propylene Glycol in vape juice?

Propylene Glycol is an additive you may find on the ingredients list of vape juice. This substance is also called “PG” or “PGA.” It is a popular base for making vape juice, and it can be used as an ingredient in a wide variety of products. However, vaping involves exposing your body to PG.

What is Vegetable Glycerin in vape juice?

Vegetable Glycerin is a common ingredient in many e-cigarette and vape juice combinations. The thickness of vegetable glycerin allows it to hold flavor and provide a more mellow throat hit. Vegetable Glycerin is odorless and sweet, making it great for diluting nicotine and flavoring. VG can be a polarizing ingredient in vape juices.

VG is also  a sweet tasting liquid that is widely used in various consumables and food products. When used for cooking, the compound is used as an emulsifier and helps to increase the moisture content of foods. It has also been used as a natural sweetener and is an alternative to corn syrup.
=> If you are afraid of the sweetness, seek a non-flavoured vape juice. You have to try the ECigOz unflavoured e-juice.

When it comes to creating a comparison of propylene glycol vs vegetable glycerin vape juices, there’s quite a bit to cover. Both liquids are used in various food and cosmetic products because they are effective when it comes to maintaining moisture levels. They also have an advantage when it comes to vapor-based items since both of them create large amounts of vapor. Vape drip tips are one of the most popular products where you find these liquids being used, as well as some e-liquids for vape devices. The quality of PG and VG also has an impact on the overall flavor and cloud production found in e-liquid bottles and cartridges.

When it comes to the world of vape juice, buyers should be aware of what they’re purchasing. Typically, regulations are not in place to ensure vape juice is safe for consumption and/or manufactured to a high standard. Buyers can only make educated guesses about what they’re buying based on other reviews and second-hand information. Before making any purchases, it’s crucial for consumers to understand what they need to look out for when choosing a vape juice that works best for them.

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