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  • October 28, 2022 4 min read

    Most of us have come to vaping for its flavourful taste and relaxing experience. Whether it is the flavours of oriental mango, icy menthol or sweet cappuccino, everyone wants to get the best of the flavour we love.

    That said, no one feels good when the vape flavour tastes bad. A weird taste in the mouth can ruin the deliciousness we are usually fond of indulging in.

    Undoubtedly, every vaper once felt disappointed by the strange creepy taste. Thus, exploring the cause and how to avoid those unsatisfied tastes is worth your time. Keep reading; you may find a way to keep your favourite flavours!

    Don’t let the bad experience get on your nerves.


    Burnt Taste or Dry Hit

    One of the most common weird tastes that new vapers usually deal with is a burnt taste which can go on with little notice or so strong that it forms a nasty musty aftertaste in your mouth or “dry hit” that can cause a choke or splutter.


    Common causes

    As usually happens to newcomers, the reasons for the presence of burnt taste are linked with shared mistakes among inexperienced vapers, including:

    • Putting too little e-juice in the vape tank and not allowing the liquid to soak into the coil's wick.
    • As intense, continuous puffs don't give enough time for the coil to cool down, the hot spot can spoil the coil and your favourite flavour.

    Chemical Taste

    A bitter, peppery taste makes you feel like you are not vaping but sucking on nicotine or the chemical e-juice. Nicotine has quite a strong flavour profile in some e-juices, and leakage might happen due to inappropriate settings of your vaping device or the way you use it.

    Common causes

    Vapers may experience this unpleasant experience whether they are newbies or people who have been vaping for a long time because the cause might come from technical issues, e-liquid, or the setting of vaping devices. For example:

    • E-juice is not well-shaken before filling in the tank, and the nicotine component in use might be too much.
    • When we forcefully vape from the airflow set to be too tight to let the air get into the device, the juice intrudes, overflows the atomizer coil and causes a leakage while we get a puff.
    • Clogged or worn-out coils can also generate this wet, soggy taste.
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      Flavour-mixed taste or flavour ghosting

      This odd, soapy taste (or flavour ghosting) happens when the flavour starts to taste bad because of the blend of your previous vape juice and your new flavour, it will definitely prevent you from fully indulging in the good new juice you have just topped up.

      Common causes

      This weird taste happens mainly due to the strong flavour of e-juice and neglecting to clean your vaping device:

      • Strong flavours such as lemon, and tobacco from earlier vaping can cause heavy flavour-mixed.
      • Lack of cleaning can leave the remnant of the previous e-juice and disrupt the flavour of the new juice.


      Although some nasty tastes may come up, the solution to fix them is quite simple; a little effort can help everything go smoothly and revive the wonderfulness of vaping.

      Coil changing

      If you are dealing with a burnt taste and there is an obvious hot spot on your vape coil when you heat the vaping device up, it is time to replace your spoiled coil with a new one.

      If your new coil does not get rid of the problem, you can try switching to a coil with a higher ohms rating to reduce the heat when vaping.

      Simply visit ECigOz to explore a wide range of reliable coils and get them quickly delivered to your door!



      Cleaning is a quick and easy way to rescue your sensation from weird tastes from burnt, chemical and mixed flavours. Cleaning your vaping device after switching to a new vape juice and rinse it with water once a week.

      Coil replacement and cleaning are the most important solutions to maintain delicious flavours when vaping.

      Other tips

      • Do quality and authenticity checks when buying vaping devices or vape juice.
      • Fill enough e-juice in the vape tank, not too little or too much.
      • Open up the airflow to allow more air circulation and prevent leakage.
      • Change the cotton wool.
      • Clean your tongue and drink water before indulging in new vape juice to eliminate the effect on the vaper’s tongue, a condition when vapers lose their sense of taste for vape juice.
      • The liquid of VG vape juices (above 70% VG) is thicker, thus requiring more cleaning to prevent your coil from being clogged.

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      Low-quality vape juice or vaping devices can downgrade flavours, get on your nerves and consume more time to fix the problems rather than relax and enjoy the leisure of vaping.

      At EcigOZ, we provide our customers with a wide range of premium juices and trustworthy vaping devices for beginners and cloud chasers to reduce the likelihood of experiencing bad tastes during vaping. Check out our products here!

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