Who’s Fighting for Vaping Rights in Australia?

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Legalise Vaping Australia

Who’s Fighting for Vaping Rights in Australia?

The proposed vaping ban in Australia has been pushed has been pushed back to the first of January in 2021 under the guise of developing a more streamlined approach to importation requirements. But if you ask anyone who has been closely monitoring the news, then the real answer would be that it was pushed back because of all resistance from all sides. 

If you’re a vaper in Australia worried about the future of vaping, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of vapers around the country along with some organizations are fighting day in and day out for your right to vape. Today, we’re going to look over some of the organizations and individuals that have played a key role in getting the Australian Vaping ban postponed until 2021 and they’re still working very hard at this very moment to get the same vaping ban scrapped totally. 


 “Those who use e-cigarettes are more likely to try to quit and quit successfully than those who do not use e-cigarettes.”

ATHRA or the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association

If you’re a vaper in Australia then you’ve probably heard of ATHRA at least once before. They’re one of the, if not, the most vocal group when it comes to protecting the rights of vapers in the country. While ATHRA is not a vaping specific organization, they do recognize vaping as one of the best ways to stop smoking. The ultimate goal of ATHRA is to reduce the harm done by tobacco by any means necessary. If you need up to the minute updates on issues not only on vaping, but on tobacco harm reduction as well, then you can’t go wrong with staying updated with them. 

ATHRA was founded in 2017 by independent Australian medical practitioners with one goal, to reduce the harm from smoking tobacco in Australia. With so many sides, opinions, and fake news going around with regards to vaping, ATHRA aims to present the truth about vaping (and other harm-reduction strategies) to all concerned parties. If you want to see the full objectives of ATHRA, you can visit their website or check on their formal list of objectives HERE.

Legalise Vaping Australia is an initiative of MyChoice Australia and the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance that actively campaigns for the legalisation and proportionate regulation of vape products. Take note of the word, proportionate. This means that Legalise Vaping Australia is fighting for regulation that is just and fair for all stakeholders involved.

Legalise Vaping Australia is doing this by actively engaging with various politicians around the country to make sure that everyone who wishes to quit smoking will have access to vaping and nicotine e-liquid products wherever they are. If you wish to reach out to your local MP about legalising vaping in your territory, then you can do so through their website. Act now while there is still time!

Pressure from the inside to cancel the nicotine import ban in Australia

Progressive Public Health Alliance, while not per se a vaping advocacy group, is a big voice when it comes to fighting for vaping rights in Australia. The group’s main focus is to achieve universal publicly funded access to health services and treatment for all Australians with the focus on harm reduction programs. And what is vaping but the most effective harm reduction strategy when it comes to tobacco right? 

They do this by linking up with the many organisations and progressive health movements around the country that share the same ideals as them to make for a bigger voice of change. They also hold events around the country advocating for harm reduction strategies and inviting experts from different fields to talk about their experiences, perspectives, and expertise. To know about their events and to see if they are coming to a location near you, check out Progressive Public Health Alliance’s Events Schedule Here. One thing to note, because of the current pandemic, most of their events are held online. If you’re interested then you can join in from wherever you are in Australia!  

Their motto? Healthcare that works. Healthcare that is needed. Healthcare for all of us. And what works when it comes to tobacco harm reduction? Vaping. What’s needed for smokers to quit completely? Vaping. What’s supposed to be accessible for everyone that wants to quit? Vaping. 

Politicians that Support Vaping

Contrary to what many people think, not every politician is for the vape ban. In fact, we have many big names in (and former) government that fully support vaping because they have actually seen the facts about vaping and are more concerned about the real benefits has when it comes to smoking cessation. 

  • Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Jones – Probably one of the highest-ranked government officials to speak up against the vaping ban. He has actually talked to and listen to smokers who have quit because of vaping instead of only listening to so called “experts” who have never touched a cigarette in their lives and only go on theory when it comes to smoking cessation. He recently did an interview recently with Ben Fordham where he speaks out against the vaping ban which you can listen to HERE
  • MP David Limbrick – An outspoken member of the Liberal Democrats party who is one of the main proponents of cancelling the van on vaping. He has been doing this for the longest time and has been working with Legalise Vaping Australia on coming up with fair regulation for vaping. 
  • MP George Christiansen – One of the first ones to speak out against the vape ban and alongside Senator Matthew Canavan, led the petition to gather the signatures that eventually led to the pulling back of the vape importation ban. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, then you can find it online at https://www.vapepetition.com.au/. 
  • Senator Matthew Canavan – As mentioned earlier, along with MP George Christiansen, Matthew Canavan has spearheaded the petition to gather signatures against the banning of vape importation. He believes that instead of banning vaping, which will push those who have already quit smoking because of vaping back to tobacco, it should be regulated. Properly regulated to make sure that it is sold safely, taxed properly, and of course, out of the hand of children across Australia. Just recently delivered a lengthy speech in Senate on vaping which you can watch on Facebook Here. They have also met with the TGA to push for legal and regulated vaping in Australia and they ask for your continued support in the fight for our right to vape.

As you can see, you’re not alone when it comes to fighting for your right to vape in Australia. You’re joined by health professionals, businessmen, government officials, and former smokers all around the country. Reach out to the people or organizations above if you want to add your voice to the thousands already who are speaking up for their right to vape. 

Update 11th September 2020

Update: According to Senator Canavan’s Facebook Page, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has announced today (September 9, 2020) that they will release an interim ruling on liquid nicotine two weeks from now. This means that come September 23, we will have an idea of what the direction the vape ban is heading. 

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November 17, 2020

Ban nicotine e liquid importation? Come and sit in the corner of the operating theatre as we hopefully save some ones life because they have lung cancer We may be doing something simple or we may be performing a lung transplant Other times the nurses may be holding the hand and wiping the tears of a family member after being told there is no more that can be done for their loved one or even worse we have failed in our attempts to save them Read this carefully and then re think the ban

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