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  • March 18, 2021 6 min read

    Vaping is certainly an awesome hobby that has its share of ups and downs. Many people don't know this, but there have been some reports of vape batteries exploding in the past years. Though the reports have been sporadic, it's still a good idea to understand why these incidents happen and how to avoid them happening to you.


    Why Do Vape Products Use Batteries?

    The simple truth is that vaporizers can't work without batteries. Vape pens need external power sources such as rechargeable batteries or disposable cartridges. This power source is responsible for vaporizing e-liquid and delivering a flavored smoke-free inhale with no actual smoke of any kind involved.


    What Causes the Batteries to Explode?

    Vaping battery explosions

    There have been a series of reports lately warning people about exploding electronic cigarettes. They can explode and catch fire during charging and during use and cause serious injuries. But what is causing these explosions to occur? 



    Here are the noticeable reasons:

    First, the occurrence is the fault of the vapor products manufacturer(s) and distributor(s), their negligence, carelessness, and failure to instruct/warn the consumer as to proper handling of batteries and storage and use of these devices.

    Second, the absence of federal regulations, specific government guidelines for batteries, and lack of an industry-wide standard for safety testing and quality control have been cited as factors contributing to shoddy products and unsafe conditions.

    Third, the most common cause for the batteries to explode is user error. User error means using a battery that is damaged, old, or improperly charged. Improper use of high voltage batteries with devices that do not support their use. These devices include sub-ohm (below 1 ohm) tanks, mechanical mods, and rebuildable atomizers.

    The battery is the power source in electronic cigarettes. It was designed to be rechargeable and is also known as a lithium-ion battery, which has a very fast charge time (as little as 1-3 minutes). The problem that many users have with these batteries is that some of them are faulty out of the package and are known to catch fire or explode. Therefore, it is imperative to know how these batteries work in order to use them safely. Here are some things to keep in mind when using e-cigarette batteries.


    Types of Injuries Caused By Vape Battery Explosions

    It may not be something that you want to think about, but the truth is that vape batteries are dangerous. It only takes one bad connection or coil to blow up a battery or cause a serious injury. To make matters worse, many of these batteries are re-used by individuals who don't know how dangerous they can be. This can lead to injuries. 

    There are a variety of injuries that can occur when vape batteries explode. Some of the most common ones include scars, cuts and bleeding, loss of teeth, and a hole in the tongue or mouth. It is important to take all necessary safety precautions when using vape battery products such as e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

    In addition to the injuries described above, there are also burns that occur on the hands. If you have been injured due to a vape battery explosion, please seek medical treatment immediately.

    How to Avoid Vape Battery Explosions

    Vape safety


    1.Consider using vape devices with safety features

    A vape battery is a power source for vaping electronic cigarettes and other personal care products. There are many different kinds of vape batteries, from the basic single-use lithium-ion batteries to built-in rechargeable batteries useful for e-cigarettes that can be recharged and reused multiple times. It's best to be aware of how to avoid "vape" battery explosions by taking proper safety precautions.


    2. Keep loose batteries in a case to prevent contact with metal objects

      Always keep the batteries away from your phone, laptop or other metal objects. This will help to avoid any unwanted discharge if the batteries are really in a short circuit situation, it will keep the fire away from those metal objects. 


      3. Never charge your vape device with a phone or tablet charger

        Avoiding the use of mobile phone or tablet chargers to charge vape batteries is the most important and effective way to prevent a battery explosion. If your device is not charging properly, don't keep using it—if it was working before, there could be something wrong with your battery or its connection to the device. Take a look inside and make sure nothing looks melted or broken, touch the ends of the battery terminals, and if they're especially hot or feel soft, discontinue use. If you need to charge your vape pen, do so on a clean surface away from flammable material like curtains and bedding.

        While buying your vape battery you need to buy them only from a reliable dealer. Choose a reputed dealer to make sure that you are not getting fake products.


        4. Do not allow your battery to overcharge.

          Do not allow your battery to overcharge – this can be distracting and may cause overheating. The best vape batteries will stop charging once the battery is full. Vape battery manufacturers recommend that you charge your batteries for no longer than 4 hours at a time. If you're charging your batteries overnight, it's possible that the device's coils could overheat and cause your vape batteries to explode.


          5. Replace the batteries if they get damaged or wet

            Always replace the batteries if they get damaged or wet. Shut down the tank and remove the batteries as soon as you notice any visible damage. If the tank is powered with more than two batteries, make sure all of them are charged and inserted properly. 


            6. Read and understand the manufacturer's recommendations for the use and care of your device.

              It is important to read and understand the manufacturer's recommendations for the use and care of your device. Appropriate storage, use, and charging are keys to extending the life of your battery. Each rechargeable device is different. Learn about what is healthy for each and how best to maintain them. One important way to prevent a battery explosion is by knowing exactly what you are using.


              7. Don't remove or disable safety features.

              Remember do not remove or disable safety features. This means a mechanical mod or tube class device without locking, the failsafe switch should be completely avoided due to the risk of catastrophic battery failure and fire. Rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods come with an inherent amount of risk and as such, users need to evaluate all risks associated with the use of these products to ensure that they are safe for their purposes. 


              8. Only use batteries recommended for your device

                Avoiding vape battery explosions can be easily done by only using batteries recommended by the manufacturer. It is highly recommended that you use high-quality batteries that are specifically made for your vape device. If you have more than one type of battery, consider keeping them in separate devices or use different chargers.


                9. Charge your vape on a clean, flat surface

                  Charging your e-cigarette on a flat, hard surface in a room with adequate ventilation. It's also important to use the charger that came with your mod and ensuring that it's plugged into an outlet properly.


                  10. Do not leave vape in direct sunlight, in your car or on a freezing cold night

                    All batteries vent gas, which is a normal occurrence. However, do not leave your vape in direct sunlight or in hot places such as your car or on a freezing cold night. Proper and common sense care for your batteries will help protect against any problems.


                    11. Pack your device and batteries safely for air travel

                      Nowadays for air travel, vapers need to pack a lot of things and accessories. So it can be very small to the big bag, but remember to pack carefully your vaporizer and batteries to avoid any unwanted vape battery explosions while traveling.

                      It's very important that you never pack your electronic cigarette or vaping device directly next to any metal objects, such as loose change, keys, etc. If there is the slightest chance of a short circuit (if you're dealing with damaged batteries, for ex.), your device could explode.

                      The above article provides all the information that you should know about vape batteries explosions and how to avoid them and I hope this information will be helpful in your daily life.

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