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  • November 25, 2022 4 min read

    What could be worse than waking up on a beautiful day and not being able to taste your vape? It's a dreadful experience that no one wants to have.

    But why? Why do your vape juice have no flavour? And what do you need to do to bring the taste back?

    Let's find the answer in the Ecigoz's article. Here are some typical reasons that can make your vape taste bland, along with ways to fix it.

    5 Common Reasons That Make Vape Juice Have No Flavour


    1. Your vape juice is too heavy

    E-Liquid too thick may flow slowly in some vape devices, resulting in poor volatility, a faint taste or no odor.

    Certain additives (sweeteners, flavourings, etc.) can cause vape juice to become too heavy. But the main culprit is usually VG or vegetable glycerine found in essential oils.

    In particular, if you create your e-liquid, there is a high chance that your e-liquid will become denser because you need to become a professional.

    This happens when people add too much VG, need more water, or remember to heat (or brew) the e-liquid mix before vaping.

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    How to fix when your vape juice is too heavy

    • Choosing an e-liquid is the best way to get more flavour out of your vape. Choose thinner, low VG (25% for MTL; 60% for DTL).
    • If you've made your vape juice home, brew it in hot water until warm or microwave it for a few seconds to release more flavour.
    • If you can't change your e-liquid, improve the taste by adding a few drops of water or PG to make it thinner.
    • Shake the vape juice bottle to mix the ingredients inside before using.
    • Follow this rule of thumb: the smaller your coil, the less VG you need in your e-liquid.

    2. Poor airflow

    Airflow is also an essential factor that leads to the taste of vape juice becoming lighter or disappearing.

    There will be two cases where too much air enters the coil, and too little air enters the coil. And both cause the result that the taste of the e-liquid is gone.


    Mouth-to-lung is designed to work with limited airflow, allowing short bursts of strongly flavoured vapors. This means they will only give you a little flavour if you put too much air in.

    Direct-to-lung works best with lots of airflows, but you can often improve the flavour further by restricting the airflow a bit.

    Adjust vape airflow to improve flavour quality

    • Adjusting the airflow inside your vape device will make flavours fresher and brighter.
    • Tightening your airflow will usually produce a richer and stronger tasting vapor while opening it up will give you a more airy, softer, and diffuse flavour.
    • If your unit has an airflow controller that can be adjusted, reduce the airflow to see if the taste improves.
    • If you don't have an adjustable controller, look elsewhere if gas flows into the tank or cavity and partially restrain it with adhesive tape or by using your fingers.

    3. Vaping with a new coil too soon or without priming.

    When you vape on a new vape coil and do not prime it first, it will make the vape taste much lighter. Or even worse, you can't taste anything but only get burnt or dry flavours.

    Priming the vape coil properly for more flavour

    • Priming a new coil for the first time will give it better penetration and absorption. So doing this will improve the taste of your vape and make it taste stronger.
    • Priming your new coil with four or five drops of vape juice and burning it gently before adding new e-liquid and starting smoking.
    • If you have more time, you can also wait a few minutes for the vape juice to penetrate inside, which will bring out more flavour when you vape.

    4. Vapour is too hot

    People often power up their devices for more power and flavour when vaping. But when the vapor from your e-cigarette gets too hot, some flavour frequencies, such as bitterness, may diminish or disappear.


    Many people mistakenly believe that the larger the capacity, the more flavour, but the opposite is true. Choose the right wattage to ensure you get all the flavours your vape can deliver.

    The cooler your vape, the stronger the flavour.

    Here is how you can cool down your hot d**n vape:

    • Lower wattage produces richer flavours in most vape devices. So reducing power instead of increasing it is worth a try.
    • To achieve the optimal balance between flavour and nicotine concentration, try the low-wattage setting in combination with a stronger nicotine vape juice.
    • If your vape or pod cannot regulate the temperature, try installing a coil with a slightly higher resistance. This will heat up slowly to give you a cooler, richer-tasting vape.

    5. Flooded tank

    A blockage occurs when dust, paper, or cotton wool gets stuck inside your tank, this causes the airflow to be obstructed, and the taste will be reduced.

    In addition, adding too much vape juice when smoking will make its taste less optimal and reduce your experience.

    => Also, flooded tank also causes the vape juice leak to your mouth


    Cleaning up the tank and using the right amount of vape juice

    • First, you can remove the mouthpiece and clean the coil and components inside, removing impurities that will increase the flavour.
    • Do not use too much vape juice for a single smoke. Use just enough to feel the full flavour.
    • Ensure the washers are tightened, so the e-liquid doesn't overflow when you vape.


    Those are eight common reasons why your vape juice isn't flavourful anymore. At the same time, in the article "Why Does My Vape Juice Have No Flavour" also showed ways to fix it depending on the cause of the problem.

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