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  • October 27, 2022 3 min read

    If your e-liquid or vape juice has ever changed colour and you're wondering why my vape juice is brown, is it still good? This is the article for you.

    In this article, we'll look at what can change the colour of your vape juice and how to prevent it!

    Why is my vape juice brown?

    In a nutshell, your vape juice is turned brown because of a chemical reaction known as oxidation. The e-liquid begins to darken.

    Suppose e-liquid, particularly if it contains nicotine, is left in an unstable environment or exposed to oxygen or direct sunlight. In that case, the nicotine can oxidize or react and turn the vape juice a familiar brown colour.


    Even if your e-juice contains only a trace of nicotine, you should still expect it to oxidize. The more nicotine a product contains, the darker it becomes.

    However, by making a few changes, you can extend the life of your e-juice and keep its colour.

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    Tips to prevent vape juice turn brown?

    Keep your e-liquid somewhere cool and dark.

    As was already said, if your e-liquid is exposed to light and heat, the nicotine will change colour over time.

    Putting it in a cool, dark place won't stop it from getting darker, but it will slow down the process Or if you are intending to steep your vape juice. Then, let it be.

    Do not shake your e-liquid

    Shaking your juice bottle may help mix the flavours, but it also causes the vape juice to absorb more oxygen, causing it to darken faster.

    You can further slow the oxidation process by not shaking your e-juice.

    Do not Mix Different E-liquids

    You shouldn't mix juices. Even if you have two of the same brand and flavour, they can't be in the same place.

    If you don't do what we tell you, oxygen could get into the bottles, which would be bad for both of them.


    If you need to mix different flavours or brands of e-juice, do it in a separate, smaller bottle or container. Doing this won't get nicotine from the old juice into the new bottle.

    Why is my vape juice turning brown in the tank?

    The ingredients are the main reason why e-liquid turns dark in your tank.

    Not all e-juices are the same, and many on the market use sugars and artificial sweeteners to make them taste better.

    These sugars become caramelized and adhere to the coil and cotton as the coil heats up to vaporize the e-liquid.

    When enough of this caramelized gunk builds up on the coil, it starts to leak into the juice and turn it brown.

    Eventually, the caramel will completely burn, turning the juice dark brown or black.

    How do you keep the vape juice in your tank from getting darker?


    Stay away from added sweeteners as much as possible.

    This is hard to do because companies need to list what their flavourings are made of. However, as a general rule, any e-liquid that says it tastes like candy is probably full of sweeteners.

    Any flavour, like fruit, dessert, menthol, or tobacco, can have extra sweeteners added.

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    Clean your vape tank often and swap out your coil

    Over time, residue from used coils and e-liquid can be left behind.

    Tank buildup will alter the appearance and flavour of newly added juice if you don't clean it regularly.

    Cleaning the tank and replacing the coil are both necessary at this point.

    After swapping out your coil, make sure your vape tank is spotless so that it continues to function properly and tastes great.


    Is it safe to use when vape juice brown?

    Refrain from throwing away perfectly good vape juice because the colour has changed. You can still use the liquid if it is light enough.

    Instead of being upset about the change in your juice, keep in mind that oxidation is a natural chemical reaction that does not affect the taste or overall vaping experience.

    Can I use e-juices that are brown?


    It will probably still taste good, but it may be challenging to smoke because it has thickened and become sticky.

    You can continue to vape the e-liquid in your tank, but be aware that it can accumulate on your atomizer, resulting in a burnt coil and dry hits. Or . . . You can buy a new ones. 

    In Conclusion

    It can be an irritation when your vape juice turns dark. But now that you know what oxidation is and how to stop it, you can use our tips and forget the “why is my clear vape juice turning brown?” question.

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