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  • November 21, 2022 4 min read

    It sounds like you got trouble with the vape, which is why you are searching for "the juice is leaking into my mouth".

    Then you have found the right address.

    In this article, ECigOz will show some reasons and ways for you to fix it.

    The term used to refer to vape juice leaking is "spit back." Now, let's go to the article in more detail to know why and how to fix this phenomenon.

    What Is Vape Spit Back?

    Vape leaks into your mouth, or Vape Spit Back is when the E-liquid flows straight into your mouth, and immediately you can feel the strong taste and nicotine.

    Spit back occurs when there is excess E-liquid in the coil, and when you start to burn the coil, that residue will go through the mouthpiece and into the mouth of the vaper.

    If you are vaping at high power, the coil will be extremely hot, which means the vape juice can be hot and cause discomfort.


    Vape Spit Back is usually a sign that the vape juice is oversaturated and the e-liquid inside is too much for its volume. It means you need to fix it or just need to change the cotton wool. 

    Before you do something, you have to know the reasons which lead to the leaking problem.

    Causes Of Spit Back

    There are some common reasons lead the vape juice leaks into your mouth (Spit back), including:

    • Flooded vape coils - the most common reason.
    • The wrong type of e-juice is another reason.
    • The O-ring is overused.
    • Vaping in too-high wattage for a long time.
    • Etc. . .

    Let's jump on the first one.

    Flooded Vape Coils

    Vape Coils are one of the most common causes of Spit Back when you are vaping. Not only does it cause an E-liquid leak, but there's also a gurgling sound, less smoke, and slower airflow.

    After not using a vape for a long time, for example, after a night of sleep, the first few puffs of the day will have some gurgling sound and Spit Back is quite common.

    The reason is that vape juice can seep into the coil and create a Spit-back phenomenon when left for a long time. And after a few puffs, this phenomenon will disappear, and you don't need to worry about it for a whole day.


    But sometimes, Flooded Vape Coils will go on for longer and affect your vaping. And there are several reasons why Flooded Vape Coils take a long time:

    Vape Coils are faulty; at this point, you should ensure they will continue to function properly.

    Vape coils are only fully heated or heated when there is enough on the inside. At this point, you should add more vape juice into the wick to continue using.

    The wrong type of vape juice

    E-Liquid, when becoming too dilute, can oversaturate and become unsuitable for sub-ohm vaping.

    And when vaping with an atomizer with a resistance of fewer than 1.0 ohms will cause the Spit Back.

    Make sure you use the correct E-Liquid with sub-ohm vaping or a more suitable temperature setting.

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    Other Causes Of Vape Leaking

    Other causes of vape juice leakage almost always stem from errors related to leaks in the vape combustion chamber.

    Leaks not only come from the outside but can also come from the inside of the combustion chamber, so you need to check carefully before using them.

    Defective or worn O-rings during use can lead to excess e-liquid seeping into the atomizer. So check and replace the O-rings if you have constant spit-back.

    What Should I Do If My Vape Is Spitting or Cracking?

    To troubleshoot spitting, you first need to address any flooding issues. But how to deal with flooding?

    The most efficient way to deal with it is to increase the power and temperature of the vape and let it burn until the gurgling sound stops. You then adjust it to your normal temperature and use it as usual. This will work in most cases.

    Another problem could be that the atomizer needs more power from the battery to heat the coil and e-liquid or that the contacts are damaged. It would help if you ensured that the coil is fixed and the contacts connect to the battery.

    You should remove it from time to time to clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol. This will help you preserve the device better.

    When the problem occurs too often, this is a sign that you should replace the coil to continue using it. Because if the coil becomes too old, the contacts will work poorly and not generate enough heat to ignite the vape juice.

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    Summarize the article; what you need to do to limit and fix each spit back is:

    • Temporarily increase the capacity to evaporate the residual e-liquid.
    • Once the gurgling and spit back have stopped, reset to the wattage you normally use.
    • Finally, the last thing you need to do is always be within the manufacturer's recommended wattage.

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