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  • UWELL Yearn


    Yearn Pod System

    • Material: Zinc Alloy, PC+ABS
    • Size: 86.7mm x 20.2mm x 10.4mm
    • Net Weight: 40.7g
    • Maximum Wattage: 11W
    • Battery Capacity: 370 mAh

    Pod Cartridge

    • E-juice Capacity: 1.5ml
    • Resistance of Coil: 1.4 Ω
    • Nic salts content: 20mg/50mg
    From the makers of the legendary Caliburn refillable vape pod system - ECigOz introduces the UWELL Yearn. If your not sure where to start with vaping then you have come to the right place - this super simple device comes with a range of delicious pods. This device puts the JUUL to shame. 

    What's the difference between the Caliburn and the Yearn?

    Well apart from being made from a tough and durable zinc alloy - the Yearn is draw activated so no butting activation so no more firing in your pocket or bag.
    It also has available to buy separately 3 rocking flavours with 20mg and 50mg profiled pods. Perfect if your don't want the hassle of refilling and picking a flavour or Nic level. 

    What MG Strength should you pick?

    We recommend starting on the 20mg Yearn Pods, as they deliver a very smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. If you find that 20mg isn't satisfying your nicotine cravings, move up to the 50mg pods.
    The great thing about Yearn pods is the isolated e-liquid chamber will ensure any unactivated pods remain fresh for a long time - when you're ready to taper down your nicotine consumption, they'll be ready for you! 
    If you're a heavy smoker and you're looking for a similar throat hit to traditional cigarettes, with the same near instant nicotine satisfaction - try the 50mg. 
    Uwell is kicking it these days with the launch of some excellent products that have quite literally taken the market by storm.

    Uwell Yearn - Setting the bar for its competitors

    Uwell gathered feedback from the vaping community to build the perfect device for smokers that's simple to use, convenient and practical.

    It boasts one of the best mouth-to-lung draws that we've tried that doesn't compromise on flavor or throat hit - which is as close to smoking as you'll get. 

    The Yearn from Uwell is, without a doubt, the best-prefilled pod system that we've had the pleasure of trying. If you're looking for a fantastic prefilled pod system, this Uwell Yearn article is worth checking out.

    Product Description of Uwell Yearn

    The uwell yearn pods come with a slightly different rubber cuff to other uwell pod systems. This ensures that the uwell yearn system has an air-tight seal when vaping.

    This is because uwell has engineered the airflow holes at the bottom of the uwell yearn pods; they’re angled to provide maximum suction when inhaling from the uwell yearn pod system.

    The uwell yearn landed in Australia, and it’s set the bar for its competitors VERY high. With will get you an innovative yet simple-to-use device that can be recharged via a USB port.


    Features of Uwell Yearn

    The uwell yearns for an old-fashioned and classic style and comes in various colors: black, blue, gold, pink, white, and even stainless steel, so you can choose the color that best matches your personal preference. It is compact and stylish with a simple one-button design for effortless vaping. 

    This device is perfect for those who enjoy the mouth-to-lung (MTL) way of vaping as it creates heavy vapor production while still giving you a great flavor.

    The uwell yearn also has a 2ml e-juice capacity that makes it easier for those who like to carry their vapes around all day long without worrying about refilling. 

    Size and Design of Uwell Yearn

    The Uwell Yearn is a small, lightweight, and feel device. It’s easy to hold and fits comfortably in hand. The Yearn has a firing button on the side and a micro-USB charging port. The pod snaps into place and is stored securely. The Uwell Yearn has been designed with smokers in mind, and it shows. The device is effortless to use, with a convenient one-button design that makes it easy to get started.

    But it’s not just convenience that makes the Yearn stand out - the device also delivers an excellent vaping experience.

    The flavor and throat hit are both outstanding, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an authentic smoking experience.

    We’re going to break down some of uwell’s most popular devices as well as let you know where you can find uwell yearn for sale in NZ.

    Battery life and charging of Uwell Yearn

    The Yearn's battery life is limited to 370 mAh. What's fantastic about the battery capacity is that it's practically entirely in sync with the amount of liquid (which is also somewhat low).

    Although 370 mAh and 1.5 mL of juice isn't much, we've discovered that the charge will continue with a fully charged battery until the pod runs out of liquid. 

    So, if your battery was full and you put in an entire pod, you can practically read your battery life by how much power you have left. It's not a feature in and of itself, but we enjoy determining the battery state based on the juice level. There is, of course, a battery indicator light.

    The charge lights will pulse as it charges. It took 71 minutes to set from wholly depleted to fully charged. The light went green after around 52 minutes, but it was still pulsating and a long way from being finished. It's a lengthy charge for just 370 mAh, but the Yearn offers pass-through charging. 

    Even with a completely drained battery, you may receive a hit when you put a charging wire into the micro USB. If the battery is completely exhausted, you can't chain-vape on it soon after plugging it in, but you can get two quick hits if you need to. You can vape freely on it after a few minutes while it charges.

    How to Use and how does it Hit?

    The Uwell Yearn is an excellent device for smokers looking to switch to vaping. It’s simple to use and provides a huge mouth-to-lung draw that doesn’t compromise on flavor or throat hit.

    To use the Uwell Yearn, first, make sure the device is charged. The light on the front of the device will be green when it’s fully charged. 

    To charge, connect the USB cable to the port on the bottom of the device and plug it into a computer or wall adapter.

    Once the device is charged, remove the cap from the pod and fill it with your favorite e-liquid. Make sure not to fill past the max line or overflow in your device. 

    When you’re ready to vape, remove the pod from the device by gently pulling it out, then inhale through the mouthpiece. Make sure not to pull too hard when removing it, though, or you could rip the coil inside. 

    Switching between pods is simple, and they all come with two built-in coils so you can change flavors without switching e-liquids.

    You can pick up replacement pods here at Vapourmate for only NZD 14.95 each, containing 1/2ml of e-liquid each.

    Flavour Available

    The Uwell Yearn has incredible cartridge flavours that doesn’t compromise on throat hit or taste. It’s one of the best mouth-to-lung draws that we’ve tried, and it’s perfect for smokers looking for an experience that’s as close to smoking as possible.

    With free standard and express shipping options, the Yearn from Uwell is without a doubt the best pre-filled pod system available right now.

    Fuji Apple

    The Fuji Apple flavour of the Uwell Yearn is one of the best flavors, it is an excellent alternative to smoking, and it doesn’t compromise on taste or throat hit. The Fuji Apple flavor is a perfect choice for a great vaping experience.


    Uwell’s Yearn device has been a massive hit in the vaping community, and for a good reason. Its simple design and convenience make it an excellent choice for smokers looking to switch to vaping.

    One of the best features of the Yearn is its flavor, which is especially notable with the Mango flavor cartridge. The Mango cartridge flavour is sweet and refreshing, and it does taste like biting into a fresh mango.

    If you’re looking for an enjoyable vaping experience that doesn’t compromise on flavor or throat hit, the Uwell Yearn is worth checking out.

    Vanilla Tobacco

    Vanilla Tobacco is a popular flavor of the Uwell Yearn. It has a sweet, rich, and creamy taste that is perfect for those who want a smooth and mellow vape. The vanilla flavoring gives it a slight caramel undertone that makes it irresistible.

    Ice Mint

    The Ice Mint flavor of the Uwell Yearn is one of the most refreshing and minty flavors we’ve ever tried. If you’re looking for a refreshing vaping experience, then you need to try the Ice Mint flavor of the Yearn.

    It’s perfect for when you need a pick-me-up, and the cool menthol flavor is refreshing and satisfying. Whether you’re a smoker looking to switch to vaping or an experienced vaper looking for a new flavor to try, the Ice Mint of the Uwell Yearn is worth checking out.

    The Uwell Yearn is without a doubt the best-prefilled pod system that we've had the pleasure of trying. It's simple to use, convenient and effective - boasting one of the best mouth-to-lung draws that we've tried. 

    The vaping experience is as close to smoking as you'll get, making it perfect for smokers looking to switch to vaping. If you're looking for an amazing prefilled pod system, then look no further than the Uwell Yearn!

    If you're a smoker looking for an alternative to cigarettes, this is without a doubt the device for you! With free shipping options available to everyone from uwell - there's no excuse not to try it out yourself today!