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  • UWELL Yearn Pre-filled Pod Cartridges

    Filled Pod Cartridges for your Uwell Yearn pod device.
    UWELLs isolated pod technology means that the juice stays FRESH for longer - you need to activate the pads prior to vaping by inserting them into the bottom of the Yearn or pushing gently on the bottom of the pod.
    It's super Important that you let the juice soak into the coil before vaping. So give it 10 minutes after activating to start vaping - this ensures no dry hit or burnt coil. 

    Single Flavours
     come in a pack of two, or grab a Variety Pack which comes with 1 of each flavour, for a total of 4 pods.


    Available in Vanilla Tobacco, Ice Mint or Mango in a selection of 20mg or 50mg.

    If your a big smoker and only starting out then we recommend you start at 50mg nicotine level for maximum satisfaction. 


    • 1.5 ml Capacity
    • 1.4 Ohm Resistance Cotton Verticle Coil
    • Available in 20 mg or 50 mg

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