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  • Voopoo - Argus Air

    Voopoo's newest pod has a breath of fresh air to it: the Argus Air Pod Starter Kit! This little beaut contains a 900mah battery, does up to 25w of output and has a capacity of 3.8ml!

    It's much smaller than the Vinci series, employing a compact design constructed of zinc alloy and leather for surprising toughness. The Argus Air is draw or button activated as you choose, and controlled via a 0.58 inch OLED screen mounted on the front. To change your wattage, click the fire key three times then slowly click it to adjust your wattage through its range. Less buttons, less things to worry about.

    But if you'd like to not worry about adjustments, then set it to auto mode and let the Argus Air determine the best wattage for your coil, automatically! The AA also charges super quick via a Type-C port at 2A, meaning you can get from flat to full in around 50 minutes.

    Comfy, simple, powerful. Just about all you need is here in the Argus Air! Get yours today.

    • The airflow system here is pretty smart. To keep it simple, all you have to do is turn the pod around 180 degrees in the battery and voila, direct to lung or mouth to lung airflow in a twist. The Argus Air also offers not just compatibility with the Voopoo PnP Coil line but disposable pods perfect for travelling! Simply throw the pod out when it's done for minimal fuss and mess (just don't confuse it for the regular pod that can have coils replaced... oops)!

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