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  • Size: 88mm high, 24mm wide, and 14mm thick (40 grams). 
  • Battery life: 450mAh. 
  • SMOK Novo outputs: between 10W and 16W. 
  • SMOK Novo inputs: between 3.3V and 4.2V.
  • SMOK Novo Pods: featuring a 1.5-ohm coil. 


Have you owned a compact and friendly-user vape device? If not, SMOK Novo could be your perfect match!

The SMOK Novo - All-in-One pod mod is an excellent beginning to vaping. This innovative pod vape is draw-activated, which eliminates the buttons or complicated settings adjustments. 

This sleek and attractive gadget is surprisingly capable for its size and class, and its power and functionality are guaranteed to amaze even the most passionate vaping expert. 

In the introduction of SMOK NovoEcigOz will show you about this innovative device:

  • Overview of SMOK Novo
  • Performance of SMOK Novo
  • Highlight features of SMOK Novo

What you can expect from SMOK Novo! 

SMOK Novo: Build quality and design

The SMOK Novo pod system is one of the most compact pod systems.

The SMOK Novo has the same sharpness and size as a typical cigarette lighter, which means it fits comfortably in a small pants pocket.

SMOK Novo: Build quality and design

Specifically, SMOK Novo is convenient in size, only 88.3mm x 24.3mm x 14.3mm. Thus, vapers can quickly bring it along wherever they want without any disturbance.

Hence, this innovative gadget has been well-known for its ultra-portable characteristic.

Eight vibrant colors match any style – Black, Red, Auto Pink, Blue, Green, Royal Blue, White, and Rainbow.


Performance of SMOK Novo

The SMOK Novo pods are transparent. Thus, the user can check the remaining amount of e-juice. You should remove the pod from the mod — and involve a rubber plug to prevent leaks.

SMOK Novo features an LED indicator that lights up each flash and draws when the battery is low, as well as a micro-USB charging port.


Thanks to SMOK Novo draw-activated firing mechanism, its pod vape is incredibly simple to use. You simply puff through the mouthpiece that delivers a satisfying nicotine hit within seconds to heat the coils.

Every time you inhale or puff, a blue LED flashes up on the Novo. That LED will begin to blink when it's time to recharge, and the battery will not activate the Novo. While it is charging, the LED will turn red.

Vice versa, the LED will turn off when the device is fully charged. Like most other pod systems, when the Novo's battery deplete, it takes around an hour to fully recharge.

Compared to other vape pods, the SMOK Novo can generate more vapor and a more powerful hit when ultimately charged.

With a fully-charged battery, the Novo is capable of generating between 10W and 16W of power.


Package contents of SMOK Novo:

  • SMOK Novo Pod System Kit
  • Two SMOK Novo Replacement Pods
  • Micro USB Cable
  • The instruction of SMOK Novo
Package-contents-of-SMOK Novo:

SMOK Novo coils and cartridge pods

SMOK Novo Cartridges

With an ergonomically built mouthpiece and a 2mL refillable juice capacity, the SMOK NOVO Replacement Pod Cartridges have been cleverly designed with an easy side-fill to handle a wide selection of tasty nics salt e-liquid. 





SMOK Novo Coils

The SMOK NOVO comes pre-installed with two different types of coils: 

  • Novo 2 mesh 1.0 ohm Pod
  • Novo 2 DC MTL Pod (1.4 ohms)  

In addition, the type of vape juice you use will have a significant impact on your choice of the coil. If you're vaping with Nic Salts, EcigOz recommends you apply the 1.4ohm coil head. Besides, the 1.0ohm coil will work nicely with 50/50 e-liquid. 

They are interchangeable as both of them are built for MTL vaping. However, they are not used with higher VG vape juices. The lower the wattage, the greater the resistance. As a result, you'd need lower wattages with the 1.2ohm coil than with the 1.0ohm coil. 

With this logic, the 1.2ohm coil head provides better battery life than the 1.0ohm coil because it operates at a lower voltage.


Highlight features ofSMOK Novo

High-quality flavor

The SMOK Novo, despite its compact size, this device packs a massive punch, outperforming its brother SMOK Infinix in terms of overall vaping production. 

Correspondingly, SMOK Novo's flavor output is ultimately increased. 

The pods in this device's system are highly durable and long-lasting, which is another bonus. 

Each pod lasted at least a week, with several even making it to the 2-week mark before flavor and vapor production began to decline noticeably. 

The flexibility of power

In SMOK Novo, there is a wide range of protections or built-in safety mechanisms that ensure your Novo avoids vaping at low levels of voltages dangerously. 

Thanks to this function, it significantly extends the overall battery lifespan from the gadget and its internal battery. 

Friendly-user device

With a less-button design on the SMOK Novo, all you need to do is puff, and the device will be activated using an air-activated sensor. 

Thus, complete beginners can get into vaping with an almost non-existent learning curve, making it a lot easier for them to get started than with traditional cigarettes. 

Removing the old pods is as easy as replacing the new ones with the device's main body.

The tank's side refill port, which can be accessed without removing the pod from the mod, makes refilling the tank a piece of cake.

The clear PETG also makes things easier because the user can see exactly how much e-liquid is left in the pod before deciding to refill it. 

The Portability

Novo can now last much longer daily thanks to the higher 450mAh battery capacity than its brothers, such as the older SMOK Infinix.

A full battery charged by your side can get you through the entire day, from light to moderate vaping. However, the heavier vapers will figure out the need to recharge. 

The shape of ergonomics on the SMOK Novo is perfectly designed to make the device easier to grip or hold, also much more comfortable to vape on thanks to the comfortably curved mouthpiece.

Ready to buy your favorite SMOK Novo?

The SMOK Novo is an excellent starting point for potential vapers who are just starting to make their very first entry into the new world of vaping. 

The SMOK Novo Pod Starter Kit has arrived! The Novo Kit, inspired by a lovely whistle, is such a slim and compact device that it will become your best mate ever.

The Novo comes with a 450mAh battery and a 2ml pod, which will satisfy your vaping needs as a friendly user. So what are you waiting for? 

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