Vaping Replacement Coils

Top Reliable Vape Coils Australia You Should Purchase

The key to a seamless vaping experience is to replace vape coils. Depending on your vaping habits and frequency, you may need to change the coils on your vape mod weekly or as infrequently as once a month.

Regardless, you'll go through a lot of coils, and you'll need a dependable, low-cost provider of vape replacement coils. 

No matter how many coils you use; the critical thing you should consider is figuring out what types of vape coils are suitable for your pod and how to use them properly.

First thing first, you may need reliable, professional, and affordable replacement coils sellers.

Come with EcigOz, and let's find out!

  • Recommendations of replacement coils Australia
  • Why should you replace vape coils or e-cigarette coils?
  • How to extend your vape coils lifespan?

Well-known vape coils Australia you should consider 

Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Coils 

​​Uwell Caliburn G Vape Coils are designed explicitly for the Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Kit and Caliburn G Pod Kit.

Both Uwell Caliburn KOKO and Caliburn G offer four-packs of replacement coils.

Each replacement coil includes a rubbing fit attachment to the Caliburn KOKO and Caliburn G Replacement Pods and is available in 0.8-ohm mesh or 1.0-ohm MTL isolated.

How to replace your Uwell Caliburn G e-cigarette coils?

You replace the Caliburn G Replacement Coils through the bottom of the Caliburn G Pods. Pods and coils are cross-compatible with Caliburn G and Caliburn Koko Prime Kits.

SMOK V12 Prince Replacement Coils

The SMOK TFV12 Prince Replacement Coils are unmatched with atomizer cores launched simultaneously as TFV12 Cloud Beast Prince Tank.

This type of vape coil from SMOK is optimized for mid-wattage settings and delivers outstanding flavor and vapor output.

These vape coils deliver the unparalleled performance of airflow and provide a fantastic vaping experience.

Vaporesso GTX Coils

AXON Chip fully powers up the Vaporesso vape while during the usage time.

The MESH structure optimized GTX coils to operate in harmony with the latest GTX TANK 22, instantly delivering exceptional flavor and ultra-smooth airflow.

Two types of GTX coils: GTX 0.2Ω MESH Coil and GTX 0.6Ω MESH Coil.

Geekvape Super Mesh Coils

Geek Vape Super Mesh Coils maximize heating contact surface area to provide maximum flavor and large vapor production.

Better flavor and more significant vapor production

With Geek Vape Super Mesh Coils, you can maximize the capability of heating the contact surface sector to deliver the ultimate flavor satisfaction from your favorite e-juice and create denser and massive clouds.

Be compatible with Aero Mesh tank and Cerberus tank. 

Freemax - Maxpod Vape Coils

Equipped with the technology of FM Salt Coil Tech 2.0, Maxpod indeed gets you the great flavor and strong throat punch with any flavor of e liquid in the vaping industry. 

Primary material:the formula of flax, honeycomb mesh, and organic cotton.

You can only use Maxpod Replacement Coils for Maxpod Pods coming with the Maxpod Kit.

No matter what vape style you follow, you can go for two options: 1.0-ohm (flavor-focused) and 1.5-ohm NS Mesh Coil (throat hit-focused).

MTL vaping (Mouth-to-lung), which is closely similar to smoking style (holding the vapor in your mouth then puffing to your lungs), is suited with vape e-cigarette coils.

Why you should replace vape coils or e-cigarette coils

To maximize the heating of coils in a vaporizer device, fiberglass and cotton cover a thin wire inside.

Vape coils will absorb the e-juice then heat afterward for vaporization. As a result, your vaping becomes bitter as the wicking material burns up over time.

Depending on how much you vape, you'll have to change your e-cigarette coils frequently. Not only does it extend the battery life of your vape, but it also maintains a pleasant and smooth vaping experience.

How to extend your vape coils lifespan?

Over the time you use vape coils, the film covers the coil that clogs your vape. It doesn't sound good at all.

By this logic, your vaping habit and maintenance activities are essential to extend or decline vape lifespan.

Thus, the primary method to help your vape "stay longer" is to clean and prime (saturating the e liquid to the coils) replacement coils regularly. 

Here is the whole basic process of cleaning replacement coils:

Step 1: Remove and wick or saturate the coil cotton.

Step 2: Burning up the coil gently.

Step 3: Remove the atomizer.

Step 4: Place the vaping atomizer under the warm water and lightly brush it with the toothbrush.

Step 5: Rinse one more time.

Step 6: Remove the water droplets.

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