Buy Vaporesso Gen Kit Shop Now

Buy Vaporesso Gen Kit Shop Now

Are you looking for the most powerful and handy vape for the ultimate vaping experience? You might have just found it.

Power isn’t just for the pros - what you can get from Vaporesso GENis the most accessible and impressive vaping experience that you’ve never experienced before.

Vaporesso GEN is ideal for vaping users in terms of convenience, performance, and innovative features.

In more detail, EcigOzwill show you how Vaporesso Gen performs, its specification, mod kit, and a few things you need to know before getting your own.

Vaporesso Gen 80w Mod Kit With Gtx Tank 22

Overview of Vaporesso Gen:

With an anti-fingerprint rubber coating and a body weight of only 107 grams, this innovative device provides you a "one-of-a-kind" hand feeling and lifts easily.

The powerful AXON chip installed in Vaporesso Gen can generate a maximum wattage of 220W, producing more power throughout each inhale or puff for a strong punch.

In addition, the AXON chip provides interactive intelligence to the user, elevating the ease of use to the next level. 

Build quality and design of Vaporesso Gen: 

Vaporesso GEN has everything within its nano-made body. From its portable size to a 2000mAh built-in battery (supported by 2A quick charge), GEN NANO can ensure that its users use it throughout the day with no interruptions. 

Brilliant functions of Vaporesso Gen

The AXON Chip's revolutionary Pulse Mode maximizes power by enabling Vaporesso GEN to fire every 0.02s to sustain temperature control settings, thereby delivering you an optimal controlled vaping experience.

With the AXON Chip's Pulse Mode, Vaporesso GEN will amaze you with its constant vaping experience from the first blow to the very last, as you enjoy your favorite flavor and dense vapor generated by the GTX coil inside the brand-new GTX TANK 22.

The upgraded AXON Chip offers more and more options for users. It makes a significant contribution to the mod in releasing the powerful potential of Vaporesso GEN.

Not only does pulse mode satisfies your experience, but it also comes with a complete set of optional features, including intelligent TC, power ECO, and finally DIY that match any style of vaping.

Before starting a new generation - Vaporesso GEN, keep these steps in mind so that you can quickly get this gadget to be your family member:

Step 1: Setting up the tank and filling it with e-liquid

To use your favorite e-juice, unscrew the drip tip and pour it in through the top opening.   

Step 2: It's now time to switch on your gadgets 

  • 5 times in the fire button in just 2 seconds (Switching on and off)
  • Lock and unlock the up, down, and mode buttons by pressing the fire button three times in a row at the same time.
  • Press the mode button three times in a row to unlock the mode button.
  • To reset the device to its default settings, press the up (+) or down (-) buttons on the side of the device.
  • To begin vaping, press the fire button on the device. Please vape for no more than 10 seconds at a time for your protection.

Step 3: Selecting your mode 

  • For maximum flavor, choose PULSE mode (the default setting).
  • To extend the life of your battery, enable ECO mode.
  • It only takes one step to finish the general settings through the STC - temperature control mode, automatically recognizing the coil material.
  • With DIY mode, you can select VW (H, N, S), VV, VT, CCW, super player mode (SP), and bypass mode (BP).
  • In terms of SET mode, system settings involve brightness, puff counter, default, flip screen, and version.

Vaporesso Nano Gen Mod

Vaporesso NANO GEN is formed with an Ergonomic design. A rubber-coating comforts your palms by providing a soft grip with scratch and fingerprint resistance. 

Vaporesso Nano Gen is formed with Ergonomic design. A robber-coating comforting your palms by providing a soft grip with scratch and fingerprint resistance. 


GTX Tank 22 & GTX Coil is an excellent combination for more fantastic flavor and denser cloud.  

Fully powered by the AXON chip, the MESH structure optimized GTX coils operate in harmony with the latest GTX TANK 22, instantly delivering exceptional flavor and ultra-smooth airflow.

The GTX TANK 22 is available in 6 colors, includingGreen, Purple, Red, Blue, Black, and Silver.

The specifications of Vaporesso Nano Gen:

  • Tank capacity: up to 3.5ml or 2ml
  • Built-in battery capacity: 200-mAh
  • The output power: from 5 to 80W
  • The charging current: DC 5V/2A and micro USB
  • Display: 0.91" OLED screen
  • 2 GTX coils: GTX 0.2Ω MESH Coil and GTX 0.6Ω MESH Coil.

Highlight functions that you should know:

    • SP mode (super player mode) is automatically activated when the coil resistance is extremely low.
    • Your battery will automatically switch to ECO mode when it drops below 40% of its battery capacity.
    • STC (Smart TC) mode is automatically enabled when the tank is connected with a temperature heating wire (SS, Ti, Ni).

    Options in DIY mode

    • VW-H/VW-N/VW-S (Variable Wattage Mode - High/Normal/Soft): If you switch between different ohms of resistance, it will automatically determine the sufficient average wattage for your atomizer.
    • Varying temperatures can control the temperature in stainless steels, nickels, and titanium (VT-SS/VT-NT/VT/TI).
    • If you're using a coil with high resistance, you'll need a higher voltage in VV mode because of the coil's higher requirement for voltage.
    • You can use the up and down buttons to alter the wattage output line's curve and then quickly move the fire button to the next bar. Once you're done customizing your wattage curve, you can save and quit CCW by pressing the mode button.
    • Battery level and supported coil resistance range determine whether the BP (Bypass mode) provides a direct output voltage. A resistance of 0.05-5 ohms.
    • From 0.03 ohms to 5 ohms, the SP (Super Player mode) mode can be used on mainstreaming RDA tanks.

    New Update: Vaporesso Gen Mod Reviews

    Let's check outVaporesso Gen reviews on the EcigOz site to help you decide if this vaporizer is right for you. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. 

    The Vaporesso Gen Mod has already received a lot of attention. Check out the review to see if it's worth your money!

    In terms of design and performance, the Vaporesso GEN Mod is a superb choice. There’s a wide range of options available.

    The GEN Mod has a maximum power output of 220W, ideal for usage with RDAs and other vaping devices.

    The AXON chipset has a variety of practical and powerful features. Moreover, the Temperature Control setting is fantastic.

    Using the Eco Mode will extend your battery life by 60 minutes when it drains.As a whole, this is a great mod that offers excellent value for the money.

    The Spotlight of Vaporesso Gen Mod:

    • Excellent well-built 
    • Comfortable hand feeling and soft-touch with its rubber layer. 
    • The 26mm atomizers can be used without any overhang 
    • Easy to open battery cap and ribbon contributes to removing batteries. 
    • High wattage and excellent power performance 
    • Watt curve modes and Voltage
    • Temperature control
    • Quick charge 2A 
    • A lot of handy ways are included. 
    • Battery life is saved owing to Eco Mode.


    1. Whenever possible, please switch off the device if you don't use it.  
    2. Keep an eye on the charging device at all times. 
    3. Avoid damaging your gadget by not dropping, throwing, or abusing it. 
    4. Please use a USB charger with a standard USB output for charging  Voltage and current range properly.  
    5. Keep your device away from water and any other flammable liquid or gas. 
    6. Maintain a safe distance from direct sunlight, dust, moisture, and mechanical forces. 
    7. Avoid exposing the gadget to temperatures that are too high or too low. (Usable temperature range: -1060 °C/14140 °F; charging temperature range: 0+55 °C/32-131 °F; storage temperature range: -1045 °C/14113 °F.) 
    8. The product should not be disposed of as domestic trash but should be taken to a collection location for electronic and electrical equipment recycling. 
    9. Recycling batteries should not be disposed of as household trash but should instead be taken to an authorized recycling point. 
    10. Vaporesso is the only place to take your gadget for repair. Don't try to fix it yourself because you could end up damaging it or injuring yourself.

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