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Vaporesso Luxe II: Ultimate Vaping Experience

Vaporesso Luxe II: Ultimate Vaping Experience

Who said vaping is boring? TheVaporesso LUXE II will surely change the way you look at vapes. 

Vaporesso LUXE II features a transformative AXON CHIP and a thoroughly renovated user interface (UI). With the diversified and optional firing modes for users,Vaporesso LUXE II is considered the best pick for beginners and advanced users. 

Included in the Vaporesso Luxe Kit is the SKRR tank, which features an enhanced airflow system for a smoother, more luxurious vaping experience. But what makes the Vaporesso Luxe kit stand out? Let's figure it out withEcigOz - The top vape device across Melbourne


Powered by the revolutionary AXON Chip, the Vaporesso Luxe 2 220w TC Kit with NRG-S Tank simplifies the user experience! The Luxe e-cigarette can be used even by people who have never smoked before.

The NRG-S Tank will provide you with massive clouds of vapor and a great flavor from your favorite e-liquid. One of our favorites is the more modest and compact device with high-quality and long-lasting Vaporesso GT Coils compatible with Vaporesso Luxe 2.

To further customize your vaping experience, you'll also get a two-inch, full-color touch screen to help you navigate via your menu. You can simplify it by utilizing Pulse Mode, which automatically fires every 0.02 seconds during each puff.


  • You will need to purchase two 18650 batteries (not included) to use this kit.
  • NRG-S Tank 8mL glass replacements are always in stock if you want to change your glass.
  • The Luxe II comes with two pre-installed coils that can be replaced through our online store; you can also choose other replacement coils to personalize your vaping experience.


  • AXON Chip:

Vaporesso LUXE II Box Mod has optimized the OMNI board from the original Mod to the latest AXON chip, enabling instant full-bodied flavor and denser clouds.

It has multiple mode selections that meet the demands of vapers.

Vaporesso LUXE II is perfect for any entry-level user because of its user-friendly and functional operating system.

  • A user-friendly user interface (UI):

Eye-catching outlook: The Vaporesso LUXE comes with an advanced user interface (UI), as shown on its 2.0" TFT color screen. Additionally, this highlight feature helps seasoned vapers to discover their own unique vaping experience with its features.

ECO mode: Switching on the power ECO mode optimizes your device by saving more energy and battery power, thus, extending battery life. Besides its excellent battery capacity, users can bring it with them all day and use it freely without any interruption.

STC (Temperature Control Mode): Smart TC mode enables AXON to recognize the TC coil attachment and automatically adjusts the settings to deliver the best by far flavor possible.

PUL (The pulse mode): Satisfying throat punch constantly - The innovative AXON chip creates a responsive vape that features a revolutionary PULSE MODE that boosts inhalation every 0.02s to ensure consistent performance. AXON chip will deliver a hit consistently so that you can get cloud satisfaction and extra flavor.

DIY: In terms of this mode, you can access all of the OMNI Board's functions, as well as meet additional choices for great players.

  • GT coils and NRG-S Tank Atomizer: 

TheVaporesso LUXEII empowers a flavorful and strong vaping experience through the use of the NRG-S tank and GT MESH coils

Specifications of Vaporesso Luxe II (220w) with NRG-S tank:

  • 510 drip tip (8mL or 5mL capacity for e-liquid)
  • GT Core Coil is compatible
  • Two batteries: 18650 (not included)
  • a simple slide-top fill
  • Pulse Mode
  • AXON Chip
  • Protection against short circuits and low power.
What includes in package:
    • NRG-S Tank 8mL with GT Meshed 0.18 ohm are installed in LUXE II Mod.
    • GT4 Meshed Coil (0.15 OHM) 
    • Replacement Tube Glass (5mL)
    • USB cable with o-rings 
    • Instructions on how to use the system
    • Card of warranty


    The AXON Chip upgraded the Vaporesso Luxe's user interface (UI), making it easier and user-friendly for vapers. This e-cigarette isn't recommended for brand new vapers.

    But it is easier for those who have previously used tanks and coils to get the hang of this device. Advanced vapers can take advantage of its features to create their own unique vaping experiences.

    Pulse Mode is a new addition to the already-outstanding array of vaping options. Constant and satisfying throat impacts are ensured by firing every 0.02 secs, making every puff a vaping delight.

    Luxe II Kit's 2.0-inch TFT color screen and overall elegant appearance stand out from other Vaporesso Luxe Kits. It's possible to fall in love with the LUXE II at the first blow.

    The AXON Chip is the ideal mechanism for this high-end cloud machine because of its quick charging speed of 2.5A and the ability to charge two 18650 batteries (not included) in as fast as 1.5 hours.


    Stylish and sleek IML panel

    TheVaporesso LUXE II leaves a good impression in the user's minds with its eye-catching 2.0" TFT color screen and elegant outlook


    We've got some excellent news for Vaporesso's OMNI board chipset enthusiasts who've been fascinated about Vaporesso's potential but haven't been fans of flashy panels from Polar or Tarot.

    With a brand-new redesigned chassis, the Vaporesso Luxe aims to provide all of the sought-after power and functionality to a more modest and compact device.

    What we’re getting now with the Luxe is a much smoother and streamlined package that provides a more comfortable and ergonomic grip.

    We’re pretty impressed with the Vaporesso Luxe's straight and non-tapered sides and corners in terms of design. To be honest, we've taken a liking to this all-new approach Vaporesso is taking.

    With its edge-to-edge design, the device's massive format color TFT display extends 2 inches across the device's front end. The expanded screen real estate is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing.

    The colors are crisp and vibrant, and the display's extended contrast is even more apparent in how vivid the image appears on the screen. The enhanced TFT color matrix ensures excellent outdoor legibility, even for figures and fonts, even underneath the sunlight.

    Hopefully, this Vaporesso Luxe review from users in the vaping community is helpful for your decision!

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