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Vaporesso XROS


A genuinely excellent vaping device - Vaporesso Xros. Purchasing vaping devices for beginners or newcomers often comes with struggles that make your whole experience not as good as you expect. 

However, there's no need to compromise with the Vaporesso Xros. You'll get a device that delivers a fantastic vaping experience right out of the box, and even if you've never vaped before, you'll have no trouble getting the best performance out of it. 


In our manual instruction of Vaporesso Xros, we'll go over the essential elements you need to know about this device:

  • Overview of Vaporesso XROS
  • Vaporesso XROS pod system kit
  • Vaporesso XROS Coil & Pod Cartridge
  • How to fix the issues that happened with Vaporesso XROS? 

You can get started with this device right away!

Summary of Vaporesso XROS

Build design and quality

Vaporesso XROS is a one-of-a-kind vape that offers an unmatched level of customization.

By utilizing highly advanced MESH pods and an adjustable airflow control system, Vaporesso XROS mod kit enhances the effectiveness of nicotine satisfaction and flavor.

The first XROS edition is a remarkable invention that aims to break the limitations of available MTL devices.


Apart from that, Vaporesso has the usual safety features that you can find out or expect on most modern pod vapes, such as an automatic shutdown mechanism.

A maximum of 1A can be delivered by using USB-C for fast charging. Just below the fire button, you'll see a small LED light that indicates how much battery power is left:

  • Green:70% - 100%
  • Blue: 30% - 70%
  • Red: 0% - 30%

User-friendly and convenient device

Vaporesso XROS considered a powerful gadget with a compact size that can fit in your pocket.


Besides, due to the dual firing mechanism function, both button-activated and draw-activated modes are available in XROS, providing a variety of vaping styles to choose from.

A built-in 800mAh battery powers the Vaporesso XROS, offering long-lasting control for this portable device. The design features a transparent pod that allows you to view the amount of e-juice — no longer burnt coils.

Longer battery life

The battery's 800mAh mighty power is built within a slim body with a classic stainless style. Type-C rapid charging takes only 45 minutes to charge fully. Hence, Vaporesso XROS has a maximum output of 20W and a 2ml pod cartridge for XROS.


Vaporesso Xros Pod System Kit (800mah)

The Xros pods are sharp and boxy. The mouthpiece is formed by a shining black PCTG material and is called "clamshell-style." 

Xros pod can be filled by simply pushing the black mouthpiece out of its porthole. When refilling, avoid pouring liquid directly into the coil.


Highly recommend that you should leave XROS pods for at least five to ten minutes before using them. To avoid the burning of the cotton the first time you use it (wet the cotton with e-liquid), use this method. 

*low-wattage devices like XROS use less e-liquid, thus the 2mL pods will last longer. It all depends on how frequently you smoke.

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High level of security

With the clamshell-style, refilling e-juice turns out to be mess-free. Moreover, to avoid risks, Vaporesso XROS is technically functional in user safety by providing multiple protection modes.    

Adjustable airflow

The Vaporesso XROS is entirely customizable with its adjustable airflow. Through a MESH pod, the XROS delivers the perfect flavor to the right vapers. 

When the airflow is fully open, it's a great pod for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapers, but it also gives a restricted direct-lung (DL) vape.

Additionally, the mouthpiece has a highly slim slit that allows for a more precise throat hit. 

Vaporesso Xros Coil & Pod Cartridge 2ml


Mesh Coil -Utilizing the advanced MESH technology, you can ensure a flavor-boosting and great throat-hitting experience.

Pod Cartridge -Single-handed refilling with a visible cartridge pod enhances the entire experience, especially with the dual-firing mechanism's ability to vape via auto-draw or press-to-fire.

How to fix the issues that happened with VAPORESSO XROS? 

What to do when Vaporesso XROS Not Charging?

Using your PC to charge the Xros is the best method. Don't use a mobile phone or tablet charger to charge the Xros since the higher charging amperage of a "quick-charging" adapter could overheat the gadget. 

How can I fix Vaporesso XROS when it is not hitting?

A power-off feature on the Vaporesso Xros stops the gadget from firing when it's in your pocket.

First try pressing the fire button five times, quick to turn the Xros on if nothing happens when you try to vape with it.

Keep an eye on the LED indication to see whether the Vaporesso Xros is still not firing: 

  • Problem with the battery: Ensure that the battery charged if the LED blinks three times. Remove dust from the USB port on the bottom of the device to ensure the gadget receives a substantial charge. 
  • Problem with the pod's atomizer coil:a lack of pod detection, a five-blink light indicates that either a resistance issue or an issue with detection has occurred. 

What should I do when the XROS's cartridge leaked?

The pod can leak if you put too much air pressure when puffing on the gadget, and that can happen if you're not careful. You can easily hear a gurgling sound when you inhale too hard, forcing e-liquid to enter the pod's center air channel. 

When the pod's air channel filled with extra e-liquid, it will leak out of the bottom air vent or spit into your mouth. Continuously vape with light air pressure to keep your Vaporesso Xros from leaking.


In conclusion

Vaporesso's newest pod system packaged in a little cardboard box that is the same color as the device inside and that shows a photo of the device on the front, as well as various pictograms highlighting the device's primary characteristics on the back. 

As is customary, the back of the box has technical data, a list of the kit's ingredients, limitations, and nicotine warnings, and an authenticity label that may scratched and checked.


The Vaporesso Xros is, without a doubt, the unique MTL-focused pod system in recent years and one of the best. It does so many things right, from the integrated airflow control to the outstanding battery capacity and mesh coil resistances. 

People are already dubbing it a Caliburn killer, but I believe that this device's potential is understated. The Uwell Caliburn, as popular as it has been in the last year or two, is not quite as sophisticated as the Xros.

If you're searching for a genuinely personalized mouth-to-lung vaping experience, you won't find a better pod system than the Vaporesso Xros.

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