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Your New Favourite Uwell Caliburn Kit

Your New Favourite Uwell Caliburn Kit

For those looking for the most functional and handy vape, then check out this Uwell Caliburn.

The Uwell Caliburn will certainly be your new favorite vape! It combines a firing mechanism, an aluminium alloy chassis, and a 520mAh battery for maximum performance.

This powerful vape is a tiny and ultra-portable vape pen like a Juul or a cigar. And because it’s so easy to use, it won’t take much time for new vapers to get used to it. 

The Caliburn vape comes with a 2mL top-filling and disposable. Caliburn pod cartridge and a 520mAh built-in battery that can last all day.

Enjoy a flavorful vape juice and medium vapour output from this mouth-to-lung (MTL) pod vape with its dual coil structure.

If we already have your interest in the Uwell Calburn, let’s now dive deep into the details!

Uwell Caliburn Outperforms other Brands

The Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit delivers a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape, which gives you the feeling like you’re just smoking a cigarette.

This best-selling vape has changed the status quo in vaping ever since it was released. 

The Caliburn vape is capable of creating a loose to tight MTL vape with a nice throat hit. Caliburn Pod Kits are perfect for newbies or those looking for a pod vape kit. 

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit System

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit is one of Australia's most popular vaping pod systems. With six different colours to choose from and only two replacement Uwell Caliburn pods, the Uwell Caliburn is certainly the best pod vape kit on the market. ​​

The Uwell Caliburn Pod Starter Kit has overtaken Juul as the most popular e-cigarette on the market. One puff from the Uwell Caliburn is enough to make you throw other pod systems in the bin. Parallel coils provide a one-two punch, increasing flavour and extending the life of the atomiser. 

The Caliburn's 2mL juice capacity and simple draw-activated or push-button vape make it a powerful vape. You can also chuck clouds like a pro vaper with its 11-watt output.

Uwell Caliburn's quality and design

The Uwell Caliburn features a 2ml e-liquid capacity pod and a built-in 520 mAh battery (Maximum power of 11 W). A 1.4-ohm coil is pre-installed in a refillable pod that fills from the top. In addition, the coil inside the cartridge is constructed entirely of stainless steel wire in a parallel structure. 

Uwell Caliburn operates with a dual firing system that allows for either draw-activation or manual fire. The Uwell Caliburn Kit's body is made of lightweight and solid aluminum alloy with plastic parts. The Uwell Caliburn is extremely portable weighing only 34 grams. In other words, vape users can simply put it in their pockets and take it anywhere. 

Moreover, it has a rapid charging function through its micro USB port. This features provides utmost convenience for vapers who always want to use their vape.

At the front of the battery, you get a single button and a small LED light that indicate the battery's life:

  • Green: high (over 60%)
  • Blue: Medium (30 - 60%)
  • Red: Low (Below 30%)

Simply plug the installation into the body, and powerful magnets will secure the cartridges.


  • Replacement pods for Uwell Caliburn must be changed or replaced regularly,  particularly if a pod's flavour or vapour output begins to decrease. At this point, you’ll get a decreased taste of e-liquid. 
  • Uwell Caliburn G battery and pods are not compatible with Caliburn battery and pods.

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit specifications

  • Vapour e-juice capacity: 2mL

  • Battery capacity: 520mAh

  • Size: 110 × 21.2 × 11.6 mm

  • Weight: 30g

  • Maximum wattage: 11W

  • Directly vape (auto draw) or press a button to vape.

  • Click five times to lock/unlock, child safety feature.

  • Draw-activated mechanism fault diagnosis function.

  • Easy to use.

  • Compact and portable.

UWell Caliburn Pod Kit - Best Pod By Miles!! - YouTube

Package content:

  • Uwell Caliburn Portable Pod System Kit

  • Uwell Caliburn Pod Cartridge

  • Micro USB charging cable

  • User manual

Uwell Caliburn performance

The Uwell Caliburn's design is simple; however, there are a few things you should know before getting started with your Caliburn: 

  • The fill ports are sufficiently large to prevent leakage. 
  • Connect the cartridge to the battery and activate the device by pressing the fire button five times.
  • If the auto-draw paused, the Uwell Caliburn would immediately switch to manual draw mode.

Koko Replacement Pod Cartridge from Uwell Caliburn

The Uwell Caliburn Pod is a well-made device consisting mainly of a plastic shell and a stainless steel coil. It has a maximum capacity of 2ml of e-liquid. Airflow comes from the bottom and passes through two holes on the sides—the battery connected to the pod via a gold-plated magnet is powerful and safe. 


Fun Fact of Uwell Caliburn Starter Kit from EcigOz

The Uwell Caliburn's comes in a sleek and slim design. Its top-fill pods are certainly one of the best we've ever seen, with the cap of each pod sealed tight over the fill port. Uwell Caliburn and Caliburn KOKO pods are the same as Caliburn Koko pods in flavour and nicotine content.

One puff on the Uwell Caliburn will change your perspective on e-cigarettes. 

Uwell Caliburn Pod Starter Kit – Vida Vape

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Message from your best online vape Australie store - EcigOz

Shop the Uwell CALIBURN 11W Pod System with EcigOz now, a finely built vape pen with an Aluminum Alloy chassis, 520mAh battery, and 2mL refillable pod with Uwell's exclusive Pro-FOCS flavour technology to optimise flavour efficacy. The CALIBURN is made of a solid but lightweight aluminum alloy, and has a 520mAh rechargeable battery.

The CALIBURN has a dual firing mechanism engaged by the draw-activated firing mechanism or the intuitive firing button. If the draw-activated firing mechanism fails, the intuitive control still operates as needed.

Furthermore, the CALIBURN Pod System contains and employs Pro-FOCS flavour technology, which recycles drawn airflow through the atomiser core to load the airflow with condensed flavour. A top-fill 2mL pod used to hold today's popular eJuice, firing at resistances of 1.4ohm.

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