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  • Battery Safety Guide

    Lithium Ion batteries are safely used in literally millions of devices every day. However there are some risks associated with such high energy devices that users should be aware of. Batteries can present a fire risk if not handled, stored or charged correctly. One of the major components of an E-Cig is a lithium Ion battery it is important to consider this when using such a device. 

    Following the points below will ensure that any risk are kept to a minimum:

    • Always buy from a reputable manufacturer.
    • Ensure that the product has adequate certification (i.e CE or ROHS markings)
    • Do not use or store batteries in extreme environments such as high temperatures, low temperatures, high humidity etc. Always ensure batteries are in good condition and always use the charger supplied with the battery.
    • Do not leave batteries charging unattended and always follow product instructions. 
    • Do not charge batteries close to flammable liquids.
    • Transport loose batteries properly separated in non-conductive (e.g. plastic) containers, and never where they can come into contact with metal items that can cause a short circuit (e.g. pockets full of loose change or keys).
    • Do not submerge batteries in water and always dispose of batteries according to local guidelines.