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    The vaping industry has grown significantly since Hon Li first introduced the Cig-A-Like in 2003. As the industry has grown and more people are making the move from Smoking traditional cigarettes to E-cigs, the range of products to choose from has become Vast and Varied, but ultimately complicated.

    This guide should help anyone who is thinking of making the move to vaping or indeed the current user who is looking to explore the next step in their vaping experience. We focus on the important aspects of selecting your ECig set-up to ensure your efforts to stop smoking are successful and enjoyable.


    Complicated- Yes it has become!

    There are 1000's of different models and brands of ECigs on the market today and all catering for a wide variety of individuals. Some people want simplicity and convenience and their only goal is to stop smoking cigarettes, others enjoy the technical aspects of ECigs and like customising their ECig set-up. Whichever category you find yourself in there are plenty of options.


    '' At ECig Oz we like to keep it simple and have done the hard work in selecting a range of products that cater for the beginner and intermediate user''   


    There are a plethora of different terms when we talk about vaping - MODs, Clearomiser, Cartomisers, Coils, Tanks, Direct Lung, Mouth to lung etc..... 

    We have broken down and explained these terms elsewhere on our site so check it out FAQ!

    There are however two terms in particular which are most important when selecting your ECig set-up. 

    Mouth-to-Lung vaping OR Direct-Lung Vaping?

    Let us explain - When you smoke a cigarette do you inhale the smoke directly into your lungs OR do you draw the smoke into your mouth before inhaling into your lungs 

    About 95% of people will do the latter when smoking cigarettes and if you are looking to start vaping it's very important to get this aspect of your purchase right!

    Let's not forget the only reason someone should want to start vaping is to get off cigarettes and it's important that your vaping experience is as similar to your smoking experience as possible. We have carefully selected the best products for those making the transition to vaping but also stock kits and components suitable for the intermediate user. We have included in all our product descriptions the most important information for each set up to ensure your purchase is 100% right for you!

    What else should i consider?

    Not all ECigs are created equal. It may seem obvious but many new users have started vaping and stopped just as quickly because they purchased a cheap or poor quality set-up, only to have become frustrated and disillusioned with the whole process. There are many poorly manufactured ECigs on the market and it is vital not to fall into the trap of this false economy. Giving up smoking is an investment in your health and ECig Oz is invested in making the transition as easy as possible.


    '' We only stock high quality, original brand E-Cigs to ensure customer satisfaction first time, Every time'' 

    Choosing the right battery can save a lot of headaches. Batteries come in all shapes and sizes. The amount of charge a battery can hold is an important consideration and is expressed in mAh (milliamp hour). All batteries have this rating and the larger the number the longer the battery will last. However in general terms the larger the battery is physically the longer it will last, so it's finding a balance between these two that is important.

    What about EJuice?

    Equally as important as your vaping setup is the EJuice you use. Flavour is important but the most important consideration is the Nicotine concentration of your EJuice. Too low and your cigarette cravings remain - too high and your head spins! We have nicotine concentration that suits everyone. Our advice is to start low and work your way up until your satisfied- Also remember that one of the greatest benefits to vaping is the ability to control your nicotine intake and effectively wean yourself off, so always aim to lower your nicotine concentration over time. 

    Below is some guidance on Nicotine Concentration:

    • 0mg - Where you want to be!
    • 3mg - Light user
    • 6mg - Start here!
    • 9mg- 20-40 Cigs/day
    • 12mg- 40 Cigs/day
    • 18mg- Heavy user


    All of our starter kits come with everything you need to get started so check them out and see which one you like best. We're always happy to help so feel free to contact our experts at: contact@ecigoz.com