Nicotine Prescription Australia

If you are located in Australia, you can continue to order your nicotine eLiquid but you should first get a prescription from a doctor.

To get a script start by completing the medical questionaire.


How to get a nicotine prescription?

Step 1

Speak to your GP about nicotine vaping and smoking cessation.

If you know the product you are after then it may be helpful to suggest this to your GP so the prescription is made out correctly.

Below are GP that are authorised to prescribe nicotine in Australia:

Flowers of Life

Medical Nicotine



Step 2

Receive your script

Once you have received your script for nicotine vaping products you should keep this in a safe place.



Step 3

Script Added to your account

Once you order has been placed you can email it to

We will then add this to your file and include a printed copy in your package on delivery

If you have any questions on the process let us know!



Already have a script?

Send it to use!

Please include email attached to your order