Nicotine Prescription Australia

You can continue to order your nicotine eLiquid but you should first get a prescription from a doctor.

To get a script start by completing the medical questionaire.


$50 (12 Month Script)

No Consultation

At the discretion of the doctor to issue a prescription


How to get a nicotine prescription?

Step 1

Browse ECigOz And select your product

You should specify the nicotine range you would like to purchase.

i.e 12mg/ml - 30mg/ml Nicotine eLiquid

Step 2

Complete Questionaire

You can use the link below to start the Medical questionnaire (No Consultation Required).

If approved your GP will issue a prescription that you can use to purchase nicotine eLiquid

If you're a new patient you will need to create an account

Step 3

Script Added to your account

Once your script is issued we will contact you and can place your order.

Your prescription will be included in your package when shipped



Already have a script?

Send it to use!

Please include email attached to your order