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  • What About Shipping?

    ECigOz serves You.

    ECigOz is a Global E-Liquid and Vape retailer. We are licensed to ship internationally to your country if permitted by your governing agency. 

    Duties and tariffs are always paid by the customer when importing to your country. Due to the nature of of the product many countries do have different classifications for their customs and import policy's that are out of our control. Please be aware and research your countries import policies and make sure you know what to expect for duties and tariffs before ordering with ECigOz.  

    We ship vape juice worldwide for over four years and have a great track record for getting your vape order delivered. 

    All domestic and international orders ship from Levin, MWT, New Zealand

    If your not sure whether you can receive vape juice in the mail in your country please get in touch via our Live Chat box or contact us on

    Shipping Options

    We have two shipping options available. We Recommend using our DHL service as it gets your package to you as quickly as possible. Also DHL are the best of the best when talking logistics. 

    Our standard shipping option is also fast but please bear in mind that your vape mail has to travel thousands of kilometres and through your countries customs before finally being handed off or delivery. 95% of our packages will get to you within the timeframes listed below but much of this is out of our control. The remaining 5% may take an extra day or two and usually is due to manual customs inspections. Unfortunately we can't control this.

    We offer flat fee shipping costs regardless of destination



    Standard/Free Post

    Order total under $65



    Order total between $65 - $145



    Order total over $145 Free





    What happens after I place an order?

    We pick our DHL orders before we pick the standard shipping orders. Our busy team of pickers will get to it, collecting your items, packaging them and giving them to the courier. Usually if you have an order in before 11am your order will be shipped same day. 

    You will receive a tracking number as soon as our warehouse prints the tracking label but sometimes you may have to give it some time before you will be able to track your parcel online (12- 24 hours). This is because tracking updates are not uploaded until the parcel hits the shipping depot.  

    What do DHL tracking updates mean?

    Remember you can call DHL on 13 14 06 to get an update on your package or if there is any issue tracking your parcel online. 



    Shipment information received

    ECigOz has printed your shipping label and your parcel is sitting in a stack awaiting pickup by the DHL courier.

    Shipment picked up

    Your parcel has been picked up by the DHL driver.

    Customs status updated

    Customs have processed your parcel. Click the red "further detail" link on the tracking page to see any relevant information about the customs process.

    DHL Needs further information from the importer

    Typically, this status will be automatically cleared and you don't need to provide any further information. In very rare cases, DHL will contact you via phone or email if they need information, but the status usually just clears automatically and the parcel is delivered. You do not need to contact us or DHL if you see this tracking status.

    Shipment has been given a release by Customs

    Customs have inspected your parcel and cleared it for delivery.

    Shipment on hold

    Your parcel is in a holding area with thousands of other parcels waiting to be moved to a different part of DHL's delivery network. This is completely normal, and doesn't affect the speed at which your parcel is delivered. Almost every single DHL parcel will show this status at one point or another, it's nothing to worry about and you do not need to contact us or DHL about it.

    Unless there is an adhoc exam or a stop by another regulatory authority the shipment will proceed to delivery

    Your parcel has been cleared for delivery, and the only thing that might interrupt it is if customs decide to arbitrarily pull your parcel out of the queue for further inspection. This almost never happens, and if it does you don't need to do anything and you don't need to contact us or DHL about it, customs will clear the parcel shortly afterwards.


    What about Standard Shipping updates?

    Many destination countries don't have the same tracking capacity for international parcels that DHL has. You may find that once your package has entered your country and that you don’t see tracking updates for even a day or two. This is completely normal and this is because postal services don’t scan packages every time they change hands. 

    Check out the table below to learn more about the tracking updates for standard shipping. 




    Processed at outbound depot

    NZ Post have received the parcel at their outbound sorting facility in Auckland and are getting ready to load it onto one of the various planes that fly to different parts of Australia.

    International departure

    Your parcel has been loaded onto an NZ Post plane and is en route

    In transit with airline

    99% of the time, "in transit with airline" means that the parcel has actually arrived but it's waiting to go through a customs inspection. This process can sometimes take a few days if customs has a backlog of international parcels to inspect. It's not unusual to see this status for several days in a row. We have no way to influence customs or ask them to expedite their inspection.

    International arrival

    The parcel has been released by customs and is now with your national postage service. At this point, your postal service will treat the parcel the same as a domestic parcel and it's up to them to deliver it to your house. This status may stay the same for several days while postal services routes the parcel through their network, it's not unusual at all for postal services to never scan the parcel again until it's actually delivered, so don't panic if you don't see any updates after this point. Your parcel is fine, it will be delivered.


    DHL / Standard Shipping Comparison



    Standard/Free Post

    Average Delivery Times 

    (in business days)

    1-4 Days *

    3-10 Days

    Customs Clearance Team



    Dispatch Priority



    Deliver to PO Boxes/Parcel Lockers




    How much do both Shipping Options cost?



    Standard/Free Post

    Order total over $65



    Order total over $145 Free