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  • 100mg Nicotine Liquid (Unflavoured)

    ECigOz specialises in Nicotine Products from flavoured juices to high Quality Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine Base.

    100mg/ml Unflavoured Nicotine Base

    Nicotine concentrate is formulated to the highest standard, stored at -32C for maximum shelf life and packed securely so it gets safely to your door. Nicotine base is completely flavourless to ensure your mixes are clean, crisp and unmuted.

    Whether your a DIY enthusiast, manufacturer or retailer nicotine base is highest grade available

    Packaged in 100ml Mission bottle

    Shipping: We Strongly recommend using DHL Shipping option for nicotine base rather than the standard shipping option.

    Storage: Best stored in freezer to maximise shelf life


    Nicotine is a poisonous substance that can, if mishandled, cause serious illness or even death. Nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin, so wear disposable gloves during handling and immediately clean any spills or drips. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    • If swallowed, contact poisons information center:
      • Australia: 13 11 26
      • New Zealand: 0800 764 766