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  • Kingtons - BLK NOVA Drying & Wax Vaporizer Kit

    Introducing the Kingtons BLK NOVA Vaporizer, a cutting-edge device powered by a reliable 1600mAh inbuilt battery. This advanced vaporizer offers four levels of temperature adjustment, allowing you to customize the vaporizer to suit your preferences.

    Designed for user convenience, the Kingtons BLK NOVA Vaporizer features an inlet barrel, making loading materials effortless and cleaning a breeze. Equipped with an SS filter net that boasts tiny holes, this vaporizer ensures you inhale only the vaporized substance, avoiding any dry herb particles from reaching your mouth.

    Moreover, the Kingtons BLK NOVA Vaporizer employs a smart u-shaped heat-removal system, ensuring fast and effective heat dissipation. This innovative design enhances the overall performance and longevity of the device.

    Features & Specifications:

    • Powered by a reliable 1600mAh inbuilt battery
    • Four levels of temperature adjustment for customizable vaping experience
    • Inlet barrel for easy loading of materials and convenient cleaning
    • SS filter net with tiny holes to prevent inhaling dry herb particles
    • Smart u-shaped heat-removal system for fast and effective heat dissipation
    • Battery Type: Inbuilt