Smok RPM Replacement Coil

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A pack of five coil heads suitable for use with SMOK RPM series devices.


  • SMOK RPM40
  • SMOK RPM80 (with RPM POD type)
  • SMOK RPM80 Pro (with RPM POD type)
  • SMOK Fetch Pro (with RPM POD type)
  • SMOK Nord 2 (with RPM POD type)


When you first start vaping, there are many things to learn because there is more than one name for the same item. Besides, each product has several variations, from e-liquids to tanks to batteries - here, we'll look at the core element of your vape - the coil.

Two significant types of the coil will be mentioned as recommendations are from SMOK - a well-established brand. Specifically, SMOK COILS NZ V12 Prince and SMOK RPM replacement coils will present in detail.

Smok Coils Nz (V12 Prince) Overview

Following the success of its TFV4 and TFV8 sub-ohm tanks, SMOK decided to go even grander this year, launching the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King, the mother of all cloud-chasing tanks. 

Smok Coils Nz (V12 Prince) Overview

If you're unfamiliar with the TFV family of tanks, they're all about giant clouds of vapor so dense that you can cut them with a knife. In this review, we’ll try to figure out what SMOK integrated with its latest coil to improve the already excellent TFV8.

The SMOK TFV12 Prince Single Tank is a powerful cloud beast king and an all-around sub-ohm tank for everyday usage. It sports a redesigned crown-style body and a bright Cobra resin drip tip. Furthermore, it employs a convex glass tube, which increases the capacity to 8ml!

Smok Coils Nz (V12 Prince) features and specifications

SMOK's mid-wattage vape coils optimized forgreat flavor and a lot of vapor output. With this category of SMOK NZ coils, you'll get incredible airflow and a wonderful vaping experience. 

Smok Coils Nz (V12 Prince)

SMOK is no stranger to the world of high-performance atomizers. They have proven to be a market leader in this industry with a growing line of non-rebuildable tanks, including legends.

The TFV12 Prince Tank is the latest in a long series of developments from the company. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to its predecessors.

V12 Prince-T10 Decuple Coil Head

V12 Prince-T10 Decuple Coil Head
  • Size: 0.12 ohm
  • Patented Decuple Coil
  • From 60W to 120W
  • Range: from 80 to 110W 

V12 Prince – Triple Mesh SS

V12 Prince – Triple Mesh SS
  • Size:0.15 Ohm
  • massive power and dense cloud
  • Ranges from 80W to 130W, and at the best range of 100-120W. 

V12 Prince – Mesh SS  

V12 Prince – Mesh SS
  • Size: 0.15 Ohm
  • Strong power and huge vapor. 
  • Ranges from 40-80W and at the best range of 60-70W. 

The TFV12 Prince Tank upgrades the original design with three new, tuned coils for more vaping options. 

In many aspects, SMOK's advanced coil family has won them a high spot in the vape scoreboard, and we have similar performance hopes for this model.

V12 Prince Strip Coil

Strip coil is a brand-new and unique coil from SMOK that is composed of Kanthal. A unique heating membrane unit with a porous structure that allows high surface adsorption also developed, allowing users to expedite the heating process.

V12 Prince Strip Coil

V12 Prince Strip Coil has a larger heating surface and radiation area, which allows it to heat the e-juice quicker than the previous models. 

Furthermore, it has the potential to reduce heat accumulation and corrosion of heating materials and components. There are many other advantages of using heated wires over other forms of standard heating.

Strip coils are capable of handling higher power loads with ease. The number of thin films generated in the porosity increases the surface's free energy. 

As a result of the combined activities of surface tension and van Edward force, a variety of aromatic chemicals present in the e-liquid activated, thereby producing both a big cloud and a thick taste, which in turn results in an unrivaled vaping experience.

V12 Prince Replacement Glass

If you need replacement glass for your TFV12 Prince Tank Series, the SMOK TFV12 Prince Replacement Glass Tube is the way to go. Its massive e-liquid capacity of 8 ml is one of the largest in the vaping industry. 

V12 Prince Replacement Glass

You'll enjoy a lengthy and pleasurable vaping session before needing another refill. This glass tube made of high-quality Pyrex, which can endure high temperatures. It is also simpler to fill, clean, and replace.

Smok RPM Replacement Coil Overview

Smok RPM Replacement Coil and other vaping accessories are available at VapeVend. We have a large selection of vaping items and are one of Australia’s top online vape stores for vaping accessories like coils. 

Smok RPM Replacement Coil Overview

This set of coils designed for use with the SMOK Scar Pod Systems, and it includes an all-new 0.4ohm RPM Mesh Coil, threaded coil installation, and compatibility with the comprehensive SMOK Nord CoilSeries.

Smok RPM Replacement Coil features and specifications

SMOK coils NZ (RPM) for the RPM40 include the new 0.4-Ohm Mesh Coil, 0.6-Ohm Triple Coils, and 1.2-Ohm Quartz andcompatibility with the series of SMOK Nord Coils

The SMOK RPM replacement coil 0.6ohm is designed with the Smok RPM40 and Fetch Mini pod kits - both using the Smok RPM RBA pod cartridge as their juice source. 

SMOK RPM RBA coils are customizable and changeable, which means you won't have to throw away the pod when the coil is nearing the end of its life. With the RPM40 RBA rebuildable coil, you can get the most out of your DIY experience. 

Building a 0.6ohm coil can provide you with more vapor while also providing a purer taste. Additionally, you may construct higher resistances of 1.0 ohms and 1.4 ohms on your own that can support coils with a minor resistance of 0.25 ohms.

These are the top features of SMOK RPM40 Replacement Coils that you should know

  • The Series of SMOK Nord Coil & RPM
  • 0.3ohm RPM MTL Mesh Coil (10-15W rated)
  • 0.4ohm RPM Mesh Coil - (25W rated)
  • 0.6ohm RPM Triple Coil - (25W rated)
  • 0.8ohm RPM DC MTL Coil -(16W rated)
  • 1.0ohm RPM SC Coil - (14W rated)
  • 1.2ohm RPM Quartz Coil - (12W rated)
  • Single Rebuildable Coil - RPM RBA
  • Nord Pod  & RPM selections
  • Respectively compatible with Nord Coils or RPM. 
  • The SMOK Fetch Mini 40W Pod System is compatible with SMOK Coils NZ (RPM 40)
  • A pack of 5 (Five) is exceptional for RBA

The SMOK RPM replacement coil 0.6ohm is intended for use with the Smok RPM40 and Fetch Mini pod kits that use the Smok RPM RBA pod cartridge.

 The SMOK RPM RBA coil is removable, which means you don't have to throw away the pod when the coil is nearing the end of its life. You can enjoy DIY to the fullest with the RPM40 RBA rebuildable coil. 

Building a 0.6ohm coil might provide you with more vapor and a purer taste. You may even create more significant resistances of 1.0 and 1.4 ohms on your own, which can sustain coils with a minimum resistance of 0.25 ohms.

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